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Know the Beliefs and Norms in Islam

Beliefs and Norms in Islam Know the Beliefs and Norms in Islam

The basic and simple belief of Islam is that there is only one GOD, who is the creator of this universe and everything in this entire galaxy extended up to the stars and far beyond that, worships HIM. And the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last prophet.

Islam portrays love and it nullifies hatred for anyone, and following the teachings of Islam, we can make this land a happy place to live.

One thing that should be borne in mind is that the word GOD is the same as the Arabic word ALLAH, that has the same meaning. In other words, GOD and ALLAH is the name of the creator of the universe. And this is just a difference in language, and the belief must be strong.

People who have faith in the teachings of Islam, and act according to it are known as the Muslims, and following the religion of Islam makes you a Muslim.

Islam has provided the Muslims with the guidelines to every matter related to the daily life. It has made clear to the Muslims how to live their life and has put in front of them the basic rules to follow, which would ultimately lead them to success.

The Holy Quran, which is the Holy words of Allah Almighty, has the solution to every problem, which we face in our daily routine. Besides that, it provides us with the principles that are to be followed to live a peaceful life. The Holy Quran makes a link between a Muslim and ALLAH, but this is certainly not restricted to the Muslims only. The teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the teachings of Holy Quran are open for everyone regardless of the cast and creed. And we can make our lives as well as the eternal world better by following the principles of Islam.

Islam is simple and straightforward religion that stresses upon rights and duties. Every person, whether man and woman, child or elder has been defined their roles and obligations and they are expected to fulfill their responsibilities to please their Lord/Allah Almighty. If a person performs his duties, he is entitled to have a place in Jannah in the life hereafter and if he or she ignores or fails to fulfill their responsibility, they will be held answerable in the court of Allah Subhana wa Tallah on the Judgment Day. So, the Muslims can follow what is in the Quran and Sunnah to get the rewards reserved for them. This is the simplest and shortest version of Islam and its system.