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The End of Times- Signs Before The Judgement Day

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‘Last Age’ in reality stands for the age which would culminate in the end of the world— when the true Messiah, Esa, the son of Mary (not son of God), would return to rule the  world with justice and ‘eternal’ rule.

It would be ‘eternal’ in the sense that history would end with that event. Life on earth beyond that event, and after Jesus dies a human death would not qualify as history.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prophesied of the Last Age that:

  • “People would follow a way of life other than mine, and give guidance other than mine”
  • “When the most wicked member of a tribe becomes its ruler, and the most worthless member of a community becomes its leader, and a man is respected through fear of the evil he may do, and leadership is given to people who are unworthy of it, expect the Last Age”
  • Women would arrange their hair to look like the hump of a camel”
  • Women would dress like men”
  • women would be dressed and yet be naked”
  • “Men would dress like women”
  • “Homosexuality would become commonplace”
  • “Children born outside of marriage would become commonplace”
  • “Fornication and adultery would become commonplace”
  • “Universal consumption of alcoholic beverages”
  • “Religious knowledge would disappear”
  • “Extravagant mansions will be constructed”
  • “Singers will be considered respectable”
  • “War shall be prevalent”
  • “Gambling will be prevalent”
  • “A killer would not know why he is killing and the one who is killed would not know why he is being killed”
  • “Time would move swiftly—a year passing like a month—a month like a week—a week like a day”
  • “Earthquakes and Volcano’s and other natural disasters shall be common”
  • “Good deeds will be few and far between”
  • “Mosques will be decorated profusely but urge towards adoration will be absent”
  • “The rate of accidental deaths will be on the rise”
  • “The rich will become godless and the devout will become sinful”
  • “False witnesses will be accepted and true ones rejected”
  • “A person spending money on sinful purposes will not be criticized”
  • “Human beings will be followers of selfish desires”
  • “A wealthy person will command more respect then a pious person”
  • “Children will curse their parents and will pray for their early death”
  • “There will be two eclipses in the Month of Ramadan
  • “ Universal consumption of Riba (i.e, money lent on interest, and transactions which ‘rip off’ people through deception in business, etc.) ”
  • “The Last Hour would not come until there issues from the land of the Hejaz (which is in Saudi Arabia) a fire which will illuminate the backs of the camels in Busra”

So many of these Signs have already occurred in the modern world

Here, then are the major Signs of the Last Day

  • Dajjal — the false Messiah

Dajjal the false Messiah or Antichrist would have been born into the world of Jewish parents, would have risen to become ruler of Israel and, hence, would have completed his mission to rule the world from Jerusalem.

  • Yajuj and Majuj

Wall of Dhul Qarnayn will collapse, and Yajuj & Majuj will rush out in all directions spreading violence, uprooting plants, killing people and no one will be able to resist them.

  • Smoke

Smoke will rise and cover the whole world. The smoke will affect both the believers and non-belivers alike remaining for a period of 40 days and night.

  • The Beast of  The Earth

The beast will appear very near the end of time. When disintegration, corruption, kufr and evil prevail, commands of Allah are ignored, the Deen changed and made a mockery of, it is then Allah will take out the Beast from the earth.

  • The sun would rise from the west

The sun will rise from the west; and when the people see it, then whoever will be living on the surface of the Earth will have faith, and that is (the time) when no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before.

  • Earthquake/Landslides/Sinking of the earth

There will be three landslides before Qiyamah like never seen before.
One in the East,
One in the West and
One in Arabia.
The Earth will swallow everything above it and as a result, many people will die.

  • A fire that will drive the people to their gathering place

The fire which will come out from the Yemen and gather the people in the place of their assembly.

  • The Return of the True Messiah, Esa

When Prophet Esa he descends on the Earth for the second time, he will destroy the Dajjal. He will protect the Muslims from the barbarous tribes of Yajuj and Majuj, Praying for their destruction.