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A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Muslim Guide to Facebook A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Today in this fast moving technological world, there are many changes happened in almost everyone’s life and these changes are in Muslim’s too. When you have considered about the life of ancient Muslim people, they don’t even know about the advanced things that have been invented in this world. Since most of the inventions have made people to entertain their life they didn’t have interest in those things. This is because music had been considered as the thing against Ummah.

Muslim’s life today

Compare to the ancient Muslim people who lived their life by searching through books and other resources to know more things about Allah, today people have started to surf around the internet to know about the things related to Islam. Through internet forums and social networking websites people have started to discuss about the things that happened in Muslim’s life and still they want to find out somewhat ridiculous things with modern inventions.

When you have considered about the things that have been discussed through forums it would be off shame. This is because it is not the right thing to describe about the things that are related to any religion and also to give comments over that. Even though there are many technological have been made over the internet it is not the sufficient platform to discuss about all these things and also you have to be very careful while using out the social networking websites.

Using Facebook

Most of the people today have preferred to spend their time in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and other websites, in order to increase the number of friends and also to share the things that they want to discuss with. When you have gone through Facebook to make friends there are many things that you need to consider before getting with that and those are as follows:

  • It would be better to avoid discussing the things that are related foods and other things. This would probably make you to end up with funny as well as comments that would hurt you
  • You should also have to be aware of the arguments that would badly describe the beliefs of particular religion

Because of all these reasons it would be better to go through the Facebook arguments very carefully.

When you have described about any particular religion that would probably make the people of that religion to think on ridiculous things that are related to it and hence there may be some contradictions too. Today there are many websites available for providing people with the best guidelines to come up with the Facebook arguments in a better way. You can go through that websites to know about the things that are related to Facebook arguments, in order to realize about your foolishness and also wasting your time with unnecessary Facebook arguments that would describe the particular religion.

There are also some websites especially available for providing more information on Facebook arguments related to Islam. You can also go with those websites to get clear about Facebook arguments.