Complete reliance on Allah is the sincere dependence of the heart on Allah in the servant’s endeavours in pursuing his interests and safeguarding himself against anything that may be harmful to his well-being both in this life and in the akhira (the next life).

And for whoever fears Allah, He prepares a way forward for him, and He provides for him from where he does not expect. And for whoever relies on Allah, then He is enough for him. (65:2-3)
A person who fears Allah and relies completely on Him, will find that these two qualities are sufficient for him both in matters of this world and of his deen (religion – way of life).
‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (radiAllahu ‘anhu) said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa salam) say ‘If you had all relied on Allah as you should rely on Him, then He would have certainly provided for you as He provides for the birds, who wake up hungry in the morning and return with full stomachs at dusk’” (At-Tirmidhi, Saheeh hadith)
Abu Hatim ar-Razi said that this hadith establishes the fundamental principle that reliance on Allah is one of the most important means of acquiring one’s sustenance and provision.
Sa’eed Ibn Jubair said “Reliance on Allah is an essential part of faith”.
Possessing the state of reliance, however, does not prevent you from utilising the ways and means which Allah has decreed for His creation. These are His laws, and He has commanded us to use ways and means, while at the same time He has instructed us to rely one Him. Endeavouring to make use of the ways and means in His Universe with our limbs is obedience, and relying on him in our hearts is faith in Him. Allah says:

O you who believe, take your precautions! (4:71)
Sahl said “Whoever questions actions (e.g. Striving to earn a living) questions the very validity of the sunnah, and whoever questions reliance on Allah, questions faith itself”.
Reliance is the state of the Prophet (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa salam), while striving to earn a living is his sunnah, and whoever behaves in accordance with the state of the Prophet (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa salam) must not abandon his sunnah.
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Springfield, MO) — Worshipers at the Islamic Center of Springfield say someone found a threatening letter and several burned Qurans on the property Sunday.

Now, a Muslim civil rights group is calling for a hate crime investigation and the FBI is involved.

Worshipper say they found the note on the mosque at 2151 East Division in Springfield. It reads “death to Islam,” and the writers vow Islam, “will not survive.”

People at the mosque feel threatened.

Springfield police records show officers responded to the call Sunday. One call was labeled as a “terrorist threat.”

Basic police reports don’t mention the burned Qurans, but they do mention a found property call and a note.

An FBI spokesperson says the bureau is now investigating what happened as a possible civil rights violation. It would not confirm the details.

In January, people who use the center also found graffiti. It was followed by more vandalism to a water faucet that left water gushing from the center.

Now, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is now calling for a hate crimes probe.

A member of the Islamic Center’s board says the note and burned Qurans make him feel less safe at the center.

“We believe this guy or these guys, if they are not stopped right now, they will do more,” says Jamil Saquer. “And we hope it is not going to reach that stage where they will beat somebody or do more harm to the muslims in this community.”

Another worshiper says she has tried to foster understanding and tolerance in the community. She says it hurts to see this after all her work.

“Because it is your holy book,” adds Saquer. “So, you wished there was something you could do to prevent such event from happening.”

Saquer says the board will consider options. Right now, they’re debating whether it would help to have people at the center more often


“The discrimination against women on a global basis is very often attributable to the declaration by religious leaders in Christianity, Islam and other religions that women are inferior in the eyes of God,” former President Jimmy Carter said last week. Many traditions teach that while both men and women are equal in value, God has ordained specific roles for men and women. Those distinct duties often keep women out of leadership positions in their religious communities.What is religion’s role in gender discrimination?

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