During this month prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain was martyred during the battle of Karbala by the army of yazid. Imam Hussain preferred martyrdom to surrendering to a tyrant.


Banners and hoardings have been placed all across the region revealing the strength of the Islam. Muharram as one of the four sacred months of Islam, is a month of remembrance.It has great significance because of its historical background. It carries a message of awakening for the entire humanity for the times to come.


In Kashmir Muharram has all together different rituals. For the first ten days people gather in public for mourning ceremonies and sermons which helps the entire community specially the younger generation to know more about the great sacrifice of humanity.


During this period specially shie Muslims in Kashmir prefer to wear black clothes as a mark of mourning. They also distribute foods among the poor.


The biggest mourning ceremonies are held on the tenth day of the month Ashura. For the whole night, people gather at mosques and revive the whole episode of the battle of Karbala. Religious experts say in this way they take forward the mission of Islam and Imam Hussein that “good always wins over evil”


The first month of Islamic calendar brings the great message of “equality” for the humanity, thus experts say MUHARRAM should not be restricted to mourning The followers must think deeply on the message of MUHARRAM.


Source: presstv