Purification of the heart and soul

October 20th, 2011
by Sufia

islam and faith 480x404 Purification of the heart and soul

Islam just like any other religion has its own teachings on the benefits of the purification of the hart and the soul. This act forms the major portion of building the Muslim personality. It is referred to as al Tazkiyah in the Quraan. Some of the virtues associated with it are very keys in the Islamic faith and include adorning and practicing the 99 attributes of Allah, applying the virtues of compassion and mercy, holding one’s brother and sister’s well being higher than one’s self, generosity, trustworthiness and piousness. The most high God had a great regard for this practice and this is illustrated by examples in the Quraan

This aspect is one of the spiritual goals of the Islamic faith and is very fundamental for all the Muslims across the globe. This is must be a practice in a Muslim’s daily living. Since the aspect is very critical to Allah, a believer must act intelligently to acquire it by staying very closely to Allah. This can be achieved by seeking closeness to Allah, reading and comprehending clearly of the words from the Quraan. It is very clear from Quraan that those who want love from Allah must practice this aspect. This is brought out in the verses 1-10 of Surah al Shams (91).

Thikru Allah i.e. the remembrance of Allah is one of the most important components of the aspect. This term is always used to reflect a collection of ways in which any Muslim remembers, resides and attains being close to Allah in his heart and him. The term has to do with more than just recollection of something in memory but it is a training institution that aids develop people Muslims with enlightened hearts, fully occupied with Allah and his attributes. This is brought out in verse 13:27-28 of the holy Quraan. A Muslim can find it easy to accomplish a change in the heart by practicing Thinkr Allah. The simplest way to achieve this is fast is to start out by attaching your heart to him and then connecting it to his guidance. Once the heart is cleansed all the other parts of the body become clean and pure.

The 99 attributes largely mentioned in the Quraan are heaven of spiritual enrichments. Each attribute is an institution that gives a clear communication about Allah. It is always said that a true believer loves Allah most. Having good knowledge in Allah makes him to delink himself totally from evil things. This practice is as a result of having a deep knowledge of Allah.

Thinkr uses the symbols of the most high God and his creations as a way of recollection and contemplation. These are signs that are well illustrated in the Quraan. It is fact that about 75 verses in the Quraan speaks about this fundamental teaching in Islamic religion. The verses are said to highlight on the teaching in a number of ways.

In conclusion it is very important for every Muslim believer to practice purification of the heart and soul as this will enhance their closeness to Allah and enable them do good deeds all the time as illustrated in the Quraan.

Balanced life in a muslims life and islamic perspective view

October 15th, 2011
by Sufia

islam 480x480 Balanced life in a muslims life and islamic perspective view

Islam is the religion of peace, which requires its followers to surrender to the word of God and abide by the rules and regulations in order to receive the best treatment in life after death. By following the religious codes, a Muslim is securing for himself the love of God, not only in the hereafter but also in his life. Even though Islam draws a clear line between the religious and the worldly affairs, it still remains a religion of moderation and asks of its followers to strike a balance between the two, to secure a place in heaven while securing a peace, success and happiness in this life.

The purpose of man’s existence, according to Islam, is to worship God, to recognize His Greatness and Oneness and to worship him in the best possible ways. However in more worldly terms, everyone has a social life and needs to work in order to make a living and keep up with the moving society. Islam as a religion of balance calls for its followers to be a part of the mainstream society, to shun evil and promote the good and institute justice in society. It calls for its followers to be involved and to struggle for a better change.

Islam expects its followers to be efficient, creative, organized but most of all, it asks for its followers to value and manage time. Success can only be found in those who do not take time for granted. It is not impossible for you to find triumph in both your worldly and religious life if you can manage your time properly. For example on your way to work you can read the Quran or seek God’s forgiveness.

It is also important to sort out your priorities and maintain the ethical code of Islam in all your actions. Islam very strictly promotes the concept of hard work and labor. So being determined and focused about work and career is not disregarded in Islam. Participation in sports, politics, science, educational conferences, learning about different cultures and religions are all allowed and promoted as long as the religious line of modesty and utterance of truth is not crossed.

While performing worship and other obligatory religious practices are important, it is also important for all Muslims to interact with each other and maintain a healthy familial and social life. Islam places great importance on being satisfied and content as a person in order to recognize and be thankful for all the goodness God has placed in the world that surrounds us. Islam, as a religion encourages its followers to leave a balanced life, to maintain a grip over the worldly and the religious affairs and to tackle life and its problems in a stable and sound manner. It is a system of balanced faith.