The True Essence and Spirit of Islam

April 26th, 2011
by Sufia

0 islam symbol1 The True Essence and Spirit of IslamIslam is the second largest religion in the world with large number of true followers that makes one fifth of the entire population. The believers stick fast to their beliefs of oneness of God and that there is no God but Allah Subhana wa Tallah. Islam is called the religion of peace and its teachings are meant for increasing the universal harmony, love and tranquility. At present, more than a billion people who follow the faith of Islam settled around the world are making Islam as one of the largest religions on the planet across the globe.

The teachings of Islam are not at all based on any ambiguities and are illuminating the hearts of believers. As many consider that Islam is merely fulfillment of certain obligations is wrong. A misconception that becomes the root cause of problems for many Muslims it is. Because along with the duties and obligations or the way a person should behave and act are all predefined in the holy book Quran but without understanding their spirit and essence a person cannot benefit him or her with their actual effects and blessings.

Prophet Muhammad SAAS gave the Muslims practical example of how to live one’s life. He SAAS became the perfect model for the Muslims and the monotheist followers are advised to follow the footsteps of holy prophet Muhammad SAAS. But it is not just only verbal acceptance that matters here. In order to become the true follower you need to learn the essence of Islam. Islam, Quran and Sunah are going to remain unchanged or without any deformation till the Day of Judgment. However, the believer must adhere in his or her heart the true meanings of embracing Islam.

In reality, the religion Islam is broad spectrum and enshrines lot more meanings than merely being monotheistic or following the obligations. Islam means submission. Submission of one’s self to the One and Only God. He, who created the heavens and earths and all that lies in between with His immense knowledge, power and strength that is beyond the grasp of any logic, wisdom or mind.

The personal name of God or ism e zaat as believed by the Muslims is Allah. To become a true Muslim the person needs to strive for the submission. Submission to Allah SUbhana wa Tallah means total surrender and faith that no other deity or divine being is there except Allah who can give benefit or detrimental. However, the beliefs of many Muslims are a shaken and they have forgotten the essence of all the teachings of Islam. Their ignorance and less understanding of the depth or spirit of Islam is what that is keeping them divided and at loss.