Hypocrites come among the Muslims like a snake and they leave like a snake

January 14th, 2013
by Sufia

ADNAN OKTAR: Men and women hypocrites, yes.. Hypocrites by the Wisdom of Allah consider appearing like a Muslim to be very important. Even though they are irreligious, even though they hate religion they insistently desire to look like Muslims and they without fail act as a group. Hypocrites cannot leave one another.

They leave the Muslim community; they leave the Muslim group; hypocrites are tumors among them [Muslims], they are like a cancerous tumor and Allah rips that tumor apart but that tumor survives like the tail of a lizard, it does not die. It goes again and establishes a small colony outside. They still quarrel among themselves like dogs. They hate each other but they do not separate. They continue to live like a colony and again continue to make propaganda against the Muslims, they try to gather information against the Muslims, and they denounce Muslims in here and there. They strive to perform that evil task. And they talk about Allah and religion in the meantime. I mean as a characteristic they continue to do these simultaneously, as the Wisdom of Allah. Yes you go on..

PRESENTER: Astagfirullah.. The hypocrites of the time used to cast slanders against His Highness Bediuzzaman as well, and they were attacking in their own minds. And the Master explains the betrayal of hypocrites with a very erudite and a very nice manner insha’Allah. “Those who help the ruthless are among the ones who are competent of despicableness in this world. Dogs are the ones who enjoy serving the ruthless. Yes some are acting like a snake, some are acting like a dog. In such a blessed night, while blessed guests are on a blessed prayer, the slap in the meaning of this poem, of course, serves right to those sleuthing and denouncing us and attacking us as if we are committing a murder. ” Letters, 345. Masha’Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, I mean, they really are like snakes. They come among the Muslim community like a snake and they leave like a snake and they act like a snake. Yet they have an evil intelligence. That is why, not everyone can handle hypocrites. I mean they have an evil determination and evil effort. They feel hatred towards the Muslims with an insane rage. They spend their money, their wealth, all their means always in this direction; that is to harm Islam, but they do so under the guise of defending Islam and they continue to do that under the guise of mentioning the name of Allah. What is more they are enemies to one another as well. This is a very important characteristic of theirs. Allah says that their hearts are irreconcilable. They constantly seek to gather information about the Muslims from the outside. Allah says; “They wait to hear your news from the outside”.

This is a characteristic of the hypocrite. They boast about their possessions, they boast about their wealth, they boast about their income, they boast about their family, they boast about their profits, they boast about their flesh and bones, they boast about their education; yet they only cannot boast about preaching the religion, they cannot boast about the struggling in the Way of Allah, they cannot boast about spreading the religion of Allah, they cannot boast about their being victorious over the satan. Apart from these the hypocrite boasts about everything. This is a characteristic of theirs.

They cannot boast about defending the Union of Islam, they cannot boast about advocating the Turkish-Islamic Union, they cannot boast about defending Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), they cannot boast about talking about the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). The appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) are means of torment for hypocrites. This is the subject matter they most fiercely argue against, this is one of those matters that suffocate them. That is because they both- both the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)- are anti-hypocrites; hypocrites are very fiercely hostile towards both of these two holy people.

Hypocrites come among the Muslims like a snake and they leave like a snake

Inspiring speech by 7 year old! | Message to Muslim Ummah at protest for Syria

January 14th, 2013
by Sufia

This is the speech given by Hasan, a seven year old child, at the Muslim community protest for Syria held on 2012 at Paul Keating Park, Bankstown, Sydney, Australia.

Popular Front of India started Campaign for Muslim reservation in Tamil nadu

January 14th, 2013
by Sufia

Popular Front of India comprises providing reservation to all Muslims all over the country, along with giving due consideration to OBC and Dalit requirements. The excerpts from the letter are as follows:

1. All Muslims in all states must be declared as either Socially and Educationally Backward Class (SEBC) or Other Backward Class (OBC);

2. An executive order must be issued by the Central Government earmarking 10 per cent reservation for Muslims and 5 per cent reservation for other religious minorities in all central appointments and admission to central educational institutions as recommended by Justice Mishra Commission;

3. While appointments and admissions are made under Muslim reservation quota, those Muslim categories that are already in the OBC list must be given preferential treatment over others;

4. Those Muslim categories that are occupationally equivalent to Dalits must be included under the purview of Article 341 by amending the Constitution (SC) order, 1950 and the total quota percentage of Scheduled Caste reservation must be proportionately enhanced;

5. Muslim quota of 10 per cent must be earmarked over and above the existing 27 per cent OBC quota and if Muslims are included in the OBC list, the present OBC quota of 27 per cent must be proportionately enhanced;

6. If Muslims are included in the enhanced OBC quota, there must be separate sub-quota for Muslims within the OBC quota and all appointments and admissions must be based on a rostrum that indicate the turns of each merit and community appointments following the pattern prevalent in Kerala and Karnataka &

7. The ceiling of 50 per cent on total reservation imposed by the Supreme Court of India must be overcome by legislative measures as is the case now with reservation quota in Tamil Nadu state. This is necessary to facilitate the new 10% quota for Muslims in addition to the existing reservation quota of 49.5 per cent (22.5 per cent for SC/ST and 27 per cent for OBC).

Popular Front chairman Mr. Abdul Rahiman has expressed the opinion that inclusion of Muslims who are at present not in the OBC list without enhancing the existing 27 per cent will invite opposition from existing OBCs, a situation not favourable to the cause of Muslim reservation. He further pointed out that the inclusion of certain Muslim categories in SC list will meet the same fate, if SC quota is not subsequently enhanced.

The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front held recently has decided to launch the next phase of agitation for reservation in association with other community and social organisations that are interested in the issue.


January 14th, 2013
by Sufia

An Epic Muslim Short Film on the true nature of what happens after your death. Is death really the end? Do we ever come back? Every soul shall taste death. This film was shown at the Final Destination event for Islamic Events ( IE ) Special thanks to our friends at for their continued support.

Islamic marriages that are shariah compliant and approved by the Sheikhs. So as not to confuse anyone ” YOLT – You only live twice” is referring to Dunya (Our present life) v Akhira (the afterlife).

Although there are more processes in the journey of our soul, we have chosen YOLT as it is a simple way of grasping the concept of our reality that there is a next life. The final verse “Read your book”, is referring to the final day of judgement when we return to Allah to be judged.

Our book will be presented to us on this day. Our book will be a record of all our deeds in this life, the big, the small, the bad, the good. On the day of judgement, we will be held accountable for all these deeds. May Allah have mercy on us. There is no music used in this production, it is all anasheed.