Commonly Europeans and Americans believe that they are civilized and good protectors of the rights of human-beings and it is impossible for their people to get involved in the terrorism. This self assumption completely controls their thoughts and on any terrorist activity they assume that the same is done by outsiders. Just like in the case of Oklahoma they suspect that the Muslims are behind this terrorist activity. Their leaders start the campaign against Muslims and this malaise remained till the real culprits got arrested. Nobody believes, he is purely native white American who has taken part in the operation of Iraq and killed thousands of Iraqi civilians.

terrorists How & Why Terrorism Spread – Identify the Real Cause

This is the example case that is necessary to keep in mind to understand the root cause of terrorism. It is not caused by Muslims but it is the reaction of something else. Actually terrorism is a very complex phenomenon and for fighting, comprehensive approach is primarily required. Its suppression and condemnation is essential. But it is not enough to achieve complete success. Prevention of conditions that creates a terrorist is crucially important.

Some of the obvious conditions that make the spread of the terrorism are human rights violations, conflicts, under-development and poverty. It is very dangerous to deal these issues with the short-term repression, demagogy and simplistic solutions. It is more dangerous to declare any ethnic or religious group or individual as terrorist. Human rights are a powerful tool for the eradication of these factors together with observance of the rule of law. These are assets in the battle against terrorism.

In today’s scenario there is a visible division existed among the communities. Their repair and building of mutual respect and common interests through dialogue is very essential. Intercultural and interreligious dialogues can be helpful to change the existing conditions. Addressing the main root causes of terrorism is the key to success.

The dire need is existed to promote the tolerance through encouraging cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. This will need the involvement of non-governmental organizations and civil society for raising public awareness in the sectors of media, culture and education. The development of continuous measures on these lines will not only thwart the existing conditions but can be conducive for the spread of terrorism.

To tackle terrorism, the most efficient way is to eliminate those conditions that can lead people to chose for terrorism. For this reason, International community and independent media should have to provide the best environment for the individuals who are deprived of their rights. To defeat the terrorists, sincerity and faithfulness in the values and ideas is prime requisite. It is not enough to declare anybody as terrorist without observing and addressing their root causes of terrorism.

Muslims drop names to fit in

FRUSTRATED Muslims are anglicising their names to avoid religious discrimination when applying for work.

815444 eddie chehab Muslims drop names to fit in

Mohammed Chehab changed his name to Eddie around 30 years ago, to make it easier for people to pronounce, and for business reasons. Picture: Cameron Mitch Source: The

According to Islamic leaders, some legally change their name by deed poll while others adopt “new’ monikers for their resumes.

Muslim leader and Islamic Friendship Association founder Keysar Trad said the “sad” trend has become increasingly prevalent – and the recent Sydney riots would only exacerbate the problem.

“Many people are changing from Mohammed to Michael, Ahmed to Allan, Haroun to Harold and others change Mohammed to Jim, even though there is no relationship between the two,” he said.

“It’s sad many Muslims feel compelled to do this. That message is unless you do take on an Anglo name you won’t get past the front door.

“Unfortunately the protests will have an impact with some employers and I appeal for those employers to treat people on merit.”
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Mr Trad said people with traditional Muslim names often experience blatant religious discrimination when applying for a job.

“I’ve heard of many cases where people have applied for a job using their Muslim name and not getting an interview, then making a phone call and giving a different name and being called back for an interview,” he said.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke said migrants westernising their Christian names to increase their chances of employment is a growing and concerning trend. “There are many people who you come across who talk about the fact they anglicise their name for employment purposes or because people found it too hard to pronounce or it was foreign,” Ms Szoke said.

“There is definitely evidence to suggest that people do this because they feel it improves or enhances their opportunities to gain work.”

Eddie Chehab, 49, from Drummoyne, said he decided to change his name from Mohammed to Eddie for employment reasons and because his customers struggled to pronounce his name.

“I noticed how hard it was for people to say my name correctly, which is why I changed it but a lot of the younger generations (today) are changing theirs for employment reasons,” Mr Chehab said.

Social analyst David Chalke said it has been scientifically proven that your chances of employment are greater if you have a name which sounds acceptable to your potential employer.

“We all tend to hire people like ourselves,” he said.

DSCN5040 France: Quran art exhibit pulled after Muslim riot

“One young woman was slapped for putting her foot on a verse.” Maybe a new exhibit needs to be organized, in which Infidels of all races, creeds and colors put their feet on Qur’an verses like 2:63-66 (Jews turned into apes and pigs); 2:191 (kill the Infidels wherever you find them); 4:34 (beat disobedient women); 4:89 (kill the apostates wherever you find them); 5:59-60 (Jews as apes and pigs again); 7:166 (Jews as apes and pigs yet again); 8:39 (fight until the whole world submits to Islamic law); 9:5 (kill the Infidels wherever you find them again); 9:29 (fight the Jews and Christians until they submit and pay jizya); 47:4 (behead the Infidels); etc.

The contortions of Islamic supremacists as they attempt to explain that my characterizations of the verses above are inaccurate are often imaginative and entertaining, but the plain unavoidable fact remains: Muslims worldwide prove on a daily basis that I have not misrepresented those verses. They prove it by acting on their plain meaning.

“Koran art exhibit pulled in France after near riot,” from AFP, October 4 (thanks to Twostellas):

A Moroccan artist on Wednesday suspended his exhibit in a French arts festival after his projection of Koranic verses onto a bridge almost sparked a riot when people trod on them.Mounir Fatmi said he was putting his work on hold until the exhibit could be shown properly — without the chance of people walking on the verses — at the “Printemps de Septembre” art festival in the southwestern city of Toulouse.

The exhibit was only meant to be shown at the weekend, with measures taken to ensure no one could set their feet on the ground as the verses from the Muslim holy book and other images were projected there.

But on Tuesday evening, with no preventative measures in place, the video was projected onto the busy bridge and quickly attracted the attention of locals who gathered to try and stop people walking over the verses.

Tensions rose when the demonstrators called in young people from the city’s housing projects to help them, and erected barriers to keep pedestrians away.

One young woman was slapped for putting her foot on a verse.

Police sent in a riot squad but the situation was peacefully resolved — and the demonstrators dispersed — after an imam appeared on the scene and called for calm.

Relations between the French state and a Muslim community that has its roots in former colonies Algeria and Morocco have been strained in recent years by a string of controversies pitting their faith against France’s secular tradition.

Tensions were heightened last month after a French satirical weekly published cartoons of a naked Prophet Muhammad.

Artist Fatmi denied he had sought to provoke with the art work and said Tuesday’s incident was the result of a misunderstanding.

“(As) the right conditions for displaying my work were not in place, and this damages… its ability to be understood, I prefer to suspend it,” he said.

Those people who think they know the Islamic world are motivated by its economical philosophy and theoretical analysis, combined with its cosmic sense of its place in the world. All living and nonliving things are sentenced to obey and follow the inviolable laws of the creator of this universe, Allah Almighty.

coins Know the fundamental Philosophical principles of Islamic Economics

Islam’s nutshell is defined as the practicing of Allah Almighty’s laws, and then living a life of freedom under them. Islam is the only religion of this world so far which has introduced a socio-political and economic precept. This Islamic Economics symbolizes the status of a human being and their place in the world.

Islam says that no human being in this universe forms any part in their own property. He comes alone in this world at time of birth and they will die only along with their deeds. Wealth, property and all other things will remain here in this world. The real and absolute owner of property and wealth is only Allah Almighty who is the creator of this divine universe. Human beings represent the divine supreme Lord in their property and wealth.

Every human being and individual is responsible for obeying and complying with the laws and rules of Allah Almighty in every fundamental and rational precepts of Islamic economics.

To the extent that property is concerned according to the principles of Islam every person or community is collectively responsible. According to economic law of Islam and Islamic economics everything is abundant and rich in this world. Every human and individual is the epicenter among millions of other species in this world. The concept of Zakat in Islam is broad and dynamic. Zakat in Islam complies with charity.

According to the fundamental philosophical teachings of Islamic Economics, every human being is capable of paying Zakat on his wealth and property. This Zakat, which is a percentage of his or her wealth, and charity are distributed among the poor and needy of society. Zakat is a process which purifies one’s property and wealth from evil thoughts, adversity and jealousy.

According to philosophical precepts of Islamic economics, Zakat regulates the wealth and property in a balanced and smooth way. The word Zakat means purification in Arabic. It purifies the wealth and property from all aspects of greed and curses.

Zakat concept on land helps in eliminating the feudalism that still reigns in some areas. Zakat tries to help mankind to avoid the dearth of food. Study of basic philosophical precepts of Islamic Economy is very clear and simple. Precepts of Islamic Economics balance the disparity of wealth and property.  Islam is against the Muslims to be self centered and prescribes centralization of property and wealth. Balance is the key towards happiness and earning of a purified life.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man thought responsible for anti-Islam footage that sparked days of rioting throughout the Muslim world earlier this month, was arrested late Thursday on charges of violating parole terms tied to a separate 2010 fraud case, reported the Los Angeles Times.

 Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, alleged Innocence of Muslims filmmaker, is arrested

Nakoula was found guilty of fraud in a 2010 case and released in 2011 on probation terms that restricted, among other things, his use of the Internet, said the LA Times. However, his association with the anti-Islam footage released on YouTube prompted authorities to investigate whether or not he broke the rules of his parole.

More from GlobalPost: Muslim nations push for international blasphemy law

US Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal found Nakoula a flight risk and ordered him held without the possibility of bail, said Reuters.

“The court has a lack of trust in the defendant at this time,” Segal stated, denying Nakoula’s bail request at a US District Court, reported Reuters.

Prosecutors are charging the 55-year-old Egyptian-American with violating eight terms of his parole, reported The Wall Street Journal.

The footage for which Nakoula is thought responsible, a 14-minute trailer for a supposedly forthcoming film titled “Innocence of Muslims,” a clip recently subtitled in Arabic, openly mocks Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Those involved with the film claim to have been conned into it, and Nakoula — a Coptic Christian — is suspected of operating under the false name Sam Bacile.

However, Nakoula’s full involvement with the film is unclear and the case remains murky.

The Nakoula Basseley anti Islam movie is designed to stir trouble, both for Muslims and others who do not agree. It could be called a piece of poison, designed for inflaming hot heads against the Muslim world, and deserves to be treated with contempt for what it sets out to do.

 Innocence of Muslims or is it Ignorance of Muslims?

A demonstrator holds a placard during a protest against the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Jakarta, on September 14, 2012. More than 350 Muslim fundamentalists and their supporters staged an anti-US demonstration in Jakarta Friday, spewing anger at America over an anti-Islam film (BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images)

It is a hoax movie which deliberately goes completely against Islam and our last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The movie titled as Innocence of Muslims created a fine storm in the youth of the Muslim world. The reaction towards disrespect of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) by the Muslims was a completely disastrous situation. It resulted in the killing of Americans in Libya, as the Americans were killed in Libya by a Muslim group as a reaction to the anti American sentiment.

Part of the aftermath of this film has resulted in the killing of foreigners in Libya - Muslims

Including four Americans and J. Christopher, the American Ambassador. An extremist Muslim group was involved in attacking the embassy for United States of America. They burned down the building of embassy and opened fire on the American staff in embassy in Libya. According to the resources the malicious video had erroneous and evil low level stuff. The film was made in an attempt to ridicule the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

This is yet another blasphemous attack on Muslims and their faith or beliefs. Apropos, the blasphemy law prohibits anyone to spread hate against any religions or be a cause of grief and disrupt between the followers of any religion. However, some the extremist groups of Muslims protested and gave strong reactions against the makers of the movie and actors and whatever that was being shown in the name movie or entertainment.

Their intolerance is obvious and they have started protesting – Muslims

These Muslims, although have all rights to protest and defend their beliefs and religion are accused of spreading terrorism in the region. United States of America protests against the killing of innocent Americans in Libya but at the same time have failed to ban or put an end to such activities by extremist anti Islam groups in America.

Innocence of Muslims by Nakoula Basseley was released on 9th September 2012. With the release of this movie Muslims around the world started showing their reaction and anger. Muslims in Libya burnt American Embassy and killed four Americans. Americans were behind the floating of this anti Islamic movie. Morally and ethically it is very wrong to target a certain religion and its followers. The video has been made with intention to spread hatred for Muslims and Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and does not permit such things and instructs its followers to respect other religions and all the prophets including Jesus and Moses.

In reaction to this disrespectful act and attack on beliefs the Muslim countries have blocked all those websites from their internet servers where this anti Islam movie called Innocence of Muslims was floated in reaction, and probably quite rightly so, to stop any more hatred and distrust being born and to try to stem the disrespect shown towards their religion.

Muslims have boycotted all American brands and chain stores available in their respective countries, again a punishment for innocent people on both sides of the debate. We cannot call it ignorance of Muslims now. They reacted dramatically at the launch of this low quality, immoral and low ethical movie erroneously, when ignoring it would have been a far greater punishment to the makers. Anger, hatred and adversity towards Americans should not be thought of as a symbol of love and respect towards their Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

This was a reaction in result of perceived blasphemy. Muslims love their Allah Almighty and His last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Disrespect and making fun of any religion by anyone cannot be tolerated and ignored, but there are better ways to do this instead of bloodshed.

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