The results of the 9/11 attacks have created havoc, distrust and counter terrorism operations, mostly against those of Muslim countries. Distrust, dislike and arrogance have been its impact for many Muslims living in the United States as consequences of these attacks.

 Why are Muslims killed almost everywhere without being noticed?

After the 9/11 attacks, policy implications for Muslims in United States have become so diverse that  the low literacy rate among young Muslims living there has impacted on the educational status of Muslim students studying in that country. There have been debates against Muslims and their religious cultures and principles. Anti Islamic movements have become disastrous events, leading often to riots, for the Muslims as a whole in the United States as an aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Ten years after 9/11 attacks media has reflected on this time period as a decade of fear. Attackers were labeled as Muslims as a generality. Muslims were harassed and humiliated throughout the world and relations between Americans and Muslims after the 9/11 attacks became complicated and full of contradictions. Disparaging remarks about Muslims and Islam became the roots of disenchanted people in the United States.

Major reasons for Burma killings are religion and racism. Buddhists want Burmese Muslims to convert their religion to Buddhism as they are in minority. But Muslims are not accepting this act being forced on them, and so they are being killed. Unfortunately no religion in world can stop the killing of people on the basis of racism.  Muslims are brutally killed and murdered, but the media is quiet. No one tries to point their finger at this atrocity. Before the war in Burma, millions of Muslims were killed and are killing; in Palestine no leader or government is taking any action. Muslims have become as ordinary and cheap as human beings.  Human rights are advocated by organizations; don’t they include Muslims?

Minority Muslims in Burma are facing racism and discrimination. Anti Islamic forces have created trouble and unnecessary bloodshed all over most of  the world,  but they bow their heads in front of one God and follow teachings of their last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on the other. Brotherhood should try to follow the Prophet Muhammad now. It’s time to stop this unnecessary dislike. War is the most horrible and the most barbaric act of man against man. It is nothing but an excuse for mass murder. The progress of human beings has always been challenged by wars.

War is the biggest enemy of man, despite being created by man. It is justified by killing millions of people who are not of one man’s thinking. War solves nothing. War is expensive and drains the resources of a country to an extent that the nation refusing to conform usually finds itself in a huge financial crisis and the innocent suffer. Muslims are killed almost everywhere in the world probably without even being noticed, as man turns on himself. Muslims are suspected as terrorists so they are harshly treated as a potential threat. Killing of Muslims are not even noticed by the world’s human rights. Only reason for these killings is the wrong perception of their religion and race.

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