Tattoos in Islam – The Debate Surrounding Tattoos in Islam and Whether They Are A Sin Or Haram

June 11th, 2012
by Sufia

Tattoos in Islam 480x450 Tattoos in Islam The Debate Surrounding Tattoos in Islam and Whether They Are A Sin Or Haram

Tattoos are prohibited or forbidden in Islam. This verdict as proved by the Quran and Sunnah should be enough for the believing Muslims or believers in Islam but there is a group of people who keep on debating on this issue. They want to know why tattoos are prohibited or haraam but piercing of ears is allowed in Islam. If piercing with needle is haraam then why do the Muslim girls adorn their ears and nose by piercing to wear earrings and nose pins. There are lots of WHYs and sometimes all this becomes too confusing for new converts and people with weak faith in Islam.

Verdict of Quran & Sunnah

According to Quran and as told to Muslims through hadees or Prophet’s sayings any act that can hurt a person physically, mentally and spiritually is haraam and prohibited. More strictness and penalties are on those acts which are done intentionally to hurt fellow men, animals and including plants and non living things such as property of others which indirectly become a cause of hurt, injury or damage of other human beings. All these are categories of sins and hurting oneself, suicide and inducing pain in one way or the other is also called haraam or prohibited acts. Piercing one’s ears and body, injecting chemicals into the body in the name of art, fashion, display and fun is not at all wise as well as prohibited by Allah and His Apostle.

To Pierce or not to Pierce

The debate should be on the acts that are harmful for the body or not. Tattoo making is one of them. Piercing of ears and nose is not a part of Islamic culture but it is a part of Indian, African and many other cultures in the world. Muslims living in those parts of the world have adopted the norms and culture. They are merely following norms of the society they are living in. So, it is their own choice but they are answerable for their deeds like all the other Muslims in the court of Allah.

Why Tatttoos are Haraam

Women have been told and guided by Allah’s Apostle to dye their hands with Henna and their hair to appear beautiful for their husbands. No where it had been stated haraam the use of herbal extracts and products. Chemical based ingredients and products are not good for health and therefore, they were discouraged and prohibited. Same goes for the case of tattoo making in Islam.

Tattoo ink when injected in the skin can cause many unwanted and undesirable physical conditions including severe allergies, and may lead to the removal of lymph glands. They are teratogenic, one of the leading causes of mutations and carcinogenic problems. Do not pay the price of ignorance and learn more about this tattoo making procedure, the ingredients used for creating tattoo ink and the aftermath of having tattoos on your skin before subjecting yourself to having the procedure done.

Muslim Marriage – A Relationship Which Symbolizes Islam and Love

June 5th, 2012
by Sufia

muslim marriage services Muslim Marriage A Relationship Which Symbolizes Islam and LoveMarriage in Islam is of huge importance. It is a sacred agreement between a man and a woman to be together in all times. The wed lock (Nikkah) allows the man and the woman to be together and grants this relationship a social, cultural, legal as well as religious/ holy permission to exist.

A typical Islamic marriage, one in which Islamic rules are being observed, is a symbol of love and unity. Islam prohibits dowry being obtained from the parents of the bride. The man is responsible for all the expenses. Islamic wedding parties are supposed to be attended by close family members and friends of the boy and the girl. This ceremony is supposed to be a simple one instead of being very pompous or elaborate.

Parents of the girl are to give only the essentials to their daughter. Hence it puts no economic or social pressure on them. This is different to Western traditions, where the bride’s parents are supposed to provide her with a dowry, as well as pay for the wedding.

Islam gives equal rights to man and woman. A woman has the right to file a divorce case under Islamic laws. Islam gives ultimate freedom to women by declaring that if a woman does not like her husband for some reason, she can get a divorce without further delay. A man is entitled to the same consideration.

Muslim Marriage 480x573 Muslim Marriage A Relationship Which Symbolizes Islam and Love

A Muslim man is responsible for earning for the household. He is bound by Islamic law to keep his wife happy and comfortable otherwise the woman has the right to leave him. Again this varies greatly from the Westerner, who technically has to provide for the woman, but all too often does not. The Islamic system also propagates a separate family setup in which husband and wife are allowed to have personal privacy. In the Islam world, the husband has to be just in his relationship with his woman. This is despite the fact that Islam allows the man to marry four times but he must seek the first woman’s permission for it. It is allowed only if the man is capable of being just to all of them. In the Western world, this is forbidden and punishable in a court-of-law if the law of monogamy is broken.

Giving man and woman equal rights and conferring equal duties shows that Islam wants a house to be an institute where living together is not a compulsion. Living together should arise out of love and not be a compromise. Islam believes in love and pursues this aim in every walk of life with ultimate determination.

Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law

May 18th, 2012
by Sufia

Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law

Of course, every mechanism of this world, may it be mechanical, electrical or natural in characteristics, works on some defined principles and codes of conduct. And same goes the process with the mechanism of human life on earth. It needed something to guide it through and that code of conduct or set of laws came to man in the form of religion Islam. As it goes without saying that Islam is the religion that conforms to the human nature, that is, every single law mentioned and defined in this religion is right according to the straight nature of man. The followers of this religion require nothing supernatural or superhuman.

However, still, a number of critics from other religions who find it a challenge to disprove the natural approach of Islamic laws known as Sharia. Bulk of literature has been published over this issue but the amazing thing is that despite of these efforts, which spread over hundreds of years, the critics, especially the Jews have not been able to comfortably disapprove the worth of any of the laws stated in Sharia. And there are some really good reasons for this.

The first reason is the conformity of Sharia with the natural culture and behavior of human being in all eras of the world. For example, the laws relating to the penalties of certain sins, laws relating to the rights of women, children and neighborhoods, principles of business and partnership, system of governance and all other social set ups have been defined so clearly that it hardly takes a few moments to realize that these statements are all satisfying the natural requirement of our cultural and social systems. Therefore, the Jewish critics hardly find a space to criticize or argument over these laws mentioned in Islamic Sharia.

Then comes the proof of Islamic reality from the holy books of Jews. At a number of points in the holy books of Jews, they find signs and statements about the truthfulness and rightfulness of Islam and Islamic laws, thought most of those critics simply refuse to accept those statements in their own books or try interpreting their meanings in a way that they do not support Islamic Sharia.

Other reason is the scientific logics of Islamic laws. Most of the laws are such that a number of non-Muslim scholars and scientists have admired them scientifically and philosophically. This makes a reasonable hindrance to their criticism over Sharia. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that the Jewish lobby against Islam is working day and day out for exaggerating various aspects of Islamic laws but the fact of the matter is that they have not been able to do so because of solid foundations and universal truthfulness of Islam.

The Sunnah of Love

May 16th, 2012
by Sufia

sunnah of love The Sunnah of Love

When you have considered about the marriage life of most of the couples, you would probably get that most would get with the marital problems. This is because of the misunderstanding between the couples and also because of people have forgotten about the sunnah of love. This would probably make people to end up with inhospitable relationships.

Root of life

If you have gone through the life between man and his wife, this would probably become as the best and longstanding one because of their love. This love has been considered as root for most of the people and also for people who want to make their life as blessed one.

When you have considered about imams, normally they are untrained to counsel over the couples. This is because basically most of the Islamic people would be aware of Allah’s sunnah of love and hence they don’t have interest to go through the counseling methods that would be helpful for uniting the divided couples. Allah would advise about the true submission of love between man and his wife that too as the comfort one.

Sunnah of love

When you have come across the word sunnah of love, it has become as necessary for you to know about the truth behind it in order to live your life as the best one. Usually the sunnah of love is not an unusual feeling of people or outrageous feeling too. It has been defined as the thing that is common to all and also as the best in literal and theoretical sages.

It is not the thing that can be got by threatening or through other ways. It is the one that most people get in the form of divine love because of their comfort and mutual acceptance.

Expressing your love

The sunnah of love would provide every individual with the following things, in order to make out their life as the lovely one and those are as follows:

  • Every person should express love to loved ones by all means. This would probably increase the comfort and love between them
  • It would be better to avoid unnecessary arguments and also have to be mutual in all the things
  • It is also necessary to make their love to be happy always

All these things would make the people to live their life in the right way by understanding the sunnah of love.

If you want to get with more knowledge on the sunnah of love and also about Allah’s views towards marital life, it would be better for you to go through the resources that are available to provide you with all these information. If you are not able to find out the information through books and other things, it would be better for you to go through the online websites that would offer you with enough information regarding all the things. Since there are many websites available, you should have to go through the professional website to get the things in an efficient and reliable way.

The modern Islamic Woman

May 15th, 2012
by Sufia

Modern Muslim Woman The modern Islamic Woman

Today the modern and fashionable things of the world have made changes with almost all the people. It has also made Islamic women as modern. When you have considered about modern Islamic women, there are many changes have come up with their way of clothing and also in their lifestyle too.

Wardrobe of modern Islamic woman

When the Islamic women have preferred to change their lifestyle according to the modern world, wardrobe is one of important things that they want to have as modernized one. Since Islamic woman would have to follow some rules in wearing their wardrobes, it has become as necessary for them to go with stylish look in those wardrobes.

The different wardrobes to which Islamic women have to pay attention are as follows:

  • Hijab
    When you have considered wardrobe of most Islamic women the main thing that would come in to mind would be Hijab. It could probably be used by Islamic women, in order to show their devotion and dedication to Allah. Even though this has been used to cover the face, Islamic women want to have them as designed and unique one. You can get this with varieties of colors and designs from and also you can use it with scarves and shirts to get with unique look
  • Long sleeved shirts
    Islamic women can also get with the long sleeved shirts with the best appearance. You can also wear this under tunics and cardigans, these shirts would be the primary wardrobe options of modern Islamic women
  • Long cardigans
    If anyone who wants to wear stylish wardrobe long cardigans would be the best option. This would be more helpful for Islamic women to get with the vibrant summer feel and they can also use these at the winter time over their sweaters to feel warmth

Because of these reasons today there are many fashion industries have started to design the fashionable wardrobes for Islamic women to provide them with modern look.

Selecting the modern wardrobes

When you have decided to wear modern Islamic wardrobes, it has become as necessary for you to select with the best one that would be suitable for you. If you consider about Hijabs you should have to select with the one that would be suitable for your face. This is because then only you can feel comfortable when you are going outside and even to your school or college.

If you have decided to purchase the wardrobes of modern Islamic women that are available, it would be better for you to go through the shops that are available. You can get with your choice of designer wardrobes from these shops. If you are not able to find out the best shop that would offer you with the modern Islamic wardrobe for women, it would be better to go through the online shops that are available.

Compare to traditional shops through online shops, you are able to get with varieties of wardrobes for modern Islamic women that too throughout the world. You can also get them at affordable price.

A Muslim’s Guide to Rejecting Prom Dates

May 10th, 2012
by Sufia

Prom Dates A Muslim’s Guide to Rejecting Prom Dates

Today most of the high school boys and girls have interested to participate in the prom function, which would be conducted at the last day of school or college years. Even though these prom nights would be more entertaining one, it would be better for the students to get away from those nights. It would be one of the best ways to show your devotion towards Allah.

When you have gone through the Prom nights to enjoy with your friends, it would probably make you get with the hormonally-repressed thing. Because of this reason it has become as necessary for you to avoid prom nights in order to get rid from huge sin. It is even better to avoid the prom date proposal that you have got from girls.

How to avoid prom dates?

If you don’t want to go with the prom dates and still there are many proposals from girls for prom dates, it has become as necessary for you to follow the following things in order to get rid from that.

  • Don’t groom your beardSince most of the girls would get attracted because of the beard that has been maintained in good way, it would be better for you to stop grooming beard. You should stop to trim, shape and wash the beard for three months or for a long time. This would probably make your face to be hairy one and hence no one will propose to you for prom dates
  • Avoid using deodorant
    Another important thing that would attract most of the girls to ask you for prom date would be the excellent deodorant. It would be better for you to avoid using the deodorant, in order to avoid prom dates. You can go for jogging half an hour in the morning and then go to school or college without changing your dress. This would probably be helpful for no one to ask you to date in future
  • Pretend as you are married
    Wearing a fake ring to pretend you as married would be one of the anti-prom date techniques that work forever. If any girl asked you about your wife just tell her as that she is so pretty than they are and also more good things about your imaginary wife. This would probably make a girl to get away from asking you for prom dates. But you should have to be very careful. Since, you have imagined about your wife for a long time this would probably make you stop marrying real girl.

If you have followed out all these techniques you would probably get rid from prom date’s proposals. These are all the techniques for boys.

Compare to boys, girls would get more prom date proposals and the things that they have to follow for avoiding prom dates are as follows:

  • Wear a fake beard
    Even though this is more funny way, it would probably make you avoid prom date proposals
  • Bring your dad to school
    This would make most of the boys to get scare about your dad and hence no proposals would be in future
  • Wear a scary Niqab
    Rather than wearing an excellent and designer Niqab, you can go for scary Niqab

All these things would probably help you get rid from prom date proposals in an efficient and reliable way.