A Muslim’s Guide to Rejecting Prom Dates

May 10th, 2012
by Sufia

Prom Dates A Muslim’s Guide to Rejecting Prom Dates

Today most of the high school boys and girls have interested to participate in the prom function, which would be conducted at the last day of school or college years. Even though these prom nights would be more entertaining one, it would be better for the students to get away from those nights. It would be one of the best ways to show your devotion towards Allah.

When you have gone through the Prom nights to enjoy with your friends, it would probably make you get with the hormonally-repressed thing. Because of this reason it has become as necessary for you to avoid prom nights in order to get rid from huge sin. It is even better to avoid the prom date proposal that you have got from girls.

How to avoid prom dates?

If you don’t want to go with the prom dates and still there are many proposals from girls for prom dates, it has become as necessary for you to follow the following things in order to get rid from that.

  • Don’t groom your beardSince most of the girls would get attracted because of the beard that has been maintained in good way, it would be better for you to stop grooming beard. You should stop to trim, shape and wash the beard for three months or for a long time. This would probably make your face to be hairy one and hence no one will propose to you for prom dates
  • Avoid using deodorant
    Another important thing that would attract most of the girls to ask you for prom date would be the excellent deodorant. It would be better for you to avoid using the deodorant, in order to avoid prom dates. You can go for jogging half an hour in the morning and then go to school or college without changing your dress. This would probably be helpful for no one to ask you to date in future
  • Pretend as you are married
    Wearing a fake ring to pretend you as married would be one of the anti-prom date techniques that work forever. If any girl asked you about your wife just tell her as that she is so pretty than they are and also more good things about your imaginary wife. This would probably make a girl to get away from asking you for prom dates. But you should have to be very careful. Since, you have imagined about your wife for a long time this would probably make you stop marrying real girl.

If you have followed out all these techniques you would probably get rid from prom date’s proposals. These are all the techniques for boys.

Compare to boys, girls would get more prom date proposals and the things that they have to follow for avoiding prom dates are as follows:

  • Wear a fake beard
    Even though this is more funny way, it would probably make you avoid prom date proposals
  • Bring your dad to school
    This would make most of the boys to get scare about your dad and hence no proposals would be in future
  • Wear a scary Niqab
    Rather than wearing an excellent and designer Niqab, you can go for scary Niqab

All these things would probably help you get rid from prom date proposals in an efficient and reliable way.

Why is Muslim world so incompatible with advancement?

December 3rd, 2011
by Sufia

incompatible with advancement 480x491 Why is Muslim world so incompatible with advancement?

Muslim world revolves around Quran, the Holy Scripture. Most of the internal rules and laws are derivatives of Quran. Lack of education and adaptation of modernity is due to the inability of Muslims in creating new interpretations of the Holy Scripture.

Islam is a universal religion as it is claimed many times and the deep study of the religion proves the fact too for example; peace, democracy, welfare state, education, negotiations, diplomacy, business, women rights, law of war, inheritance laws and women rights here, and many more are the concepts of 21st century yet they were given in Islam, centuries ago. This shows the compatibility and universality of the religion in general.

Muslim maulvis (who are responsible for Islamic education) are generally qualified only in Islamic education and no know how of modern education what so ever. They are never taught any other theory, subject or anything than Islam and the worst thing is that they are not taught any interpretations of Islam; hence, their untrained minds are stuck to only one perspective of the world. This is the same that happened in Europe during the glorious days of church. Muslim maulvis lack of interpretations lead to general lack of modernity of thought because many people would authenticate maulvis superiority considering them holy and respectable.

Since the general public in Muslim countries is exposed to these maulvis and their conservative ideas, they never get out of the 8th century setting that has been imprinted on the minds of Muslim scholars without any modification at all. This lack of adaptation has hindered the development process of Muslim nation because their initial and most basic information remains faulty.

One of the biggest disasters of lack of adaptation and explanation is to be seen in the Muslim guerilla organizations like al-Qaeda or many others. These organizations are a consequence of preaching of jehad without reason and adaptation. The reason that jehad holds, is forgotten and now the concept is used for manipulation for political purposes. Whereas the maulvis would like to preach jehad as a basic concept of Islam, they always miss out the point that how much Islam stresses peace and prosperity.

Moulvi culture, lack of faith and weak belief in Allah Subhana wa Tallah are all inter connected to one and another. These factors and many others are impacting the true spirit of religion. Islam is more than a set of rules and regulations. It encompasses all the aspects of life of a human and complete code of life for the Muslims. Flaw is not in the teachings but in belief and practices of the so-called followers of Islam.

Islamic laws and Their Implementation in Modern Society

November 10th, 2011
by Sufia

Laws are the norms for a society and they are established to create a harmony and compatibility among the individuals, their deeds and their societies. They also develop the awareness among the masses of the consequences of their deeds. Laws can be of different natures and origins i.e. social, political, religious, etc. But religious laws are created and revealed by God that has no discrepancies.

Islam established its own laws and has the capability to cover all the fields and issues of modern society as Islam is the religion revealed purely by God. There are numerous Islamic laws but some of the conspicuous laws are mentioned as under:

Taqlid (Pursuing a Mujtahid or Jurist):

Taqlid refers to obeying a Mujtahid (Jurist) for the essentials of the doctrine for a Mujtahid can extract religious logic from Qur’an and Sunnah.


Taharat refers to the specific sort of cleanliness. The Muslims are ordered to keep themselves clean apparently as well as in the hidden state of mind and body. Some of the important aspects of Taharat are: water, Najis things, Wudhu, Ghusl, Tayammum, blood, etc.

Namaz (Prayer):

Namaz refers to a particular type of worship. The Muslims have to follow a particular method to offer it according to the order of God as well as the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam). Some of the important aspects of laws regarding Namaz are: Obligatory Daily Namaz, timings, Nafal, Mustahab, Qibla, conditions for prayer, etc.


Fasting refers to make one’s own self away from eating, drinking, sexual intercourse, within a specific period of time for one month. Some of the necessary aspects regarding Fasting are: Vomiting, Haram and Makrooh conditions, Dust reaching to throat, etc.

No doubt, this is a very limited discussion on Islamic laws yet one can grasp the need and importance of these Islamic laws in the modern society. The Islamic laws have been implemented successfully in the modern society. The modern society needs their implementation even more and extremely as there are more problems in the modern society than the ancient society.