Adam Father Of Mankind: A Death Blow To Darwanism Scientific Analysis

By Sufia

ALLAH (God) the Greatest is the only Creator. This Universal law of creation was denied by an atheist Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882). He advanced a theory of evolution. He believed in the survival of the fittest in the evolutionary stages. He calls evolution by mutation and natural selection. In his theory he held that life sprang up from non-living matter without any divine assistance and man was not created but all animal did descend from one primate kind and they evolved to what they are now through evolutionary stages. He held there is a strong link between early ancestors, and ape and men are descendant from Apelike prehistoric men.


The theory of evolution revoking the divine creation resulted into far reaching miserable consequences. It gave a death blow to the moral values in Europe etc., which were invoked by the religious teachings in nineteenth century. After the evolution theory became the common knowledge of the people that history recorded progressive worsening of the crime, delinquency, immorality and even war. People resorted to nasty and foul means to achieve their own benefit, as they believed that in struggle for existence the stronger survives. But in what they indulged was not the struggle for the power, the weak were driven to the wall and the strong survive.

The theory of the survival of the fittest enticed few men in power to unparallel tyranny. H.G. Wells in his Book, The Outline of History admitted, “The Darwinian took formal Christianity unawares, suddenly the immediate effect of this great dispute was very detrimental indeed.

The new biological science was bringing nothing constructive as yet to replace the old moral stand-bys. The real demoralization ensued. There was a real loss of faith after 1859. The true gold of the religion in many cases was thrown away with the worn out purse that had contained it for so long, and it was not recovered. The people at the close of the 19th century believed that they prevailed by virtue of struggle for existence, in which the strong and the cunning get the better off the weak and confiding. Man, is a social animal like the Indian hunting dogs of the human pack should bully and subdue the weak. (pp956,957-1921)” It is the theory of evolution which paved the way for agnosticism and atheism, and corroborated communism. Karl Marx (1818-1883) the father of modern communism was so delighted with Darwin’s evolution work that he wanted to dedicate the English Edition of his book Das Kapital to Darwin because he felt that Darwin’s theory gave a basis in natural science for the class struggle he taght. Darwin’s evolution was considered spade work for persons to accept communism and other godless ideologies.

Both Nietzsche and Marx were profoundly influenced by Darwin’s Evolution theory. They applied it to their social and political teachings, enticing people to kill the religious and the religion. And the world witnessed a great genocide of the unarmed people, particularly Muslims under Bolshevik revolution in 1917. It was certainly the theory of evolution which gave birth to anarchism, fascism, Nazism and Zionism and it hurt the human family.

The Zionists took very active part in the Bolshevik Revolution. The following facts are revealed for the information of the readers. The Jewish Chronicle in its issue of 4rth April 1919: There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.

The best known expose of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik coup de tat was by Sir Winston Churchill wrote “With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of leading figures are Jews. Moreover the principal inspiration and the driving power comes from Jewish leaders.”

The Central Committee of the Bolshevik party was made up of nine Jews and three Russians. The council of the People’s Commissars comprised of seventeen Jews and five others. The Central Executive Committee consisted of forty two Jews and fourteen others. That proves the enmity of the Jews against the religious and the religion and particularly Muslims.

The Zionists mercilessly murdered thousands of unarmed Palestinians in West Beirut on 18th September 1982 at Sabra and Shatilla. A resolution was passed against Israel on 19th September 1982 in the Security Council.

However, the Darwinian theory did not go unchallenged. The biologists who work on living matter in all its forms and phenomena especially with reference to origin, growth, reproduction and structure etc, carrying experiments on non-living matter.

Louis Pasteur, a French scientist (about 1860), conclusively demonstrated that micro-organism which are present everywhere and get into organic matter, which serve as their food. After feeding and growing, the micro-organisms reproduce and thereby give rise to others like themselves. If flasks containing food are given the heat treatment for their sterilization, and sealed even after many months, no micro-organism did appear. The technique of heat treatment to kill the micro-organism and protect the food from contamination after its sterilization by sealing the air off the flasks is called pasteurization.

The origin of any life, however simple, is really based on the scientific principle of biogenesis, for which the Encyclopedia Americana says: From the Greek word bios (life) and genesis (birth, source creation) is the biological term for the doctrine that living organisms are produced by other living organisms, biologists are now not only in virtually unanimous agreement that all life derives from preceding life, but that the parent organism and its offspring are of the same kind.

After going through the aforesaid scientific facts that life did not come out of the non-living matter, let us look into the Qur’an, which established that the earth was a dead matter after its creation:

Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together then We parted them? (21:30) Then turned He to the heaven when it was smoke (i.e. gaseous nebula) and said unto it and unto the earth, come both of you willingly or loath. (41:11) (literal translation).

Science has proved that the sun and the earth were conjoined in gaseous nebula. The Sun was a fireball. When earth separated from the sun, it was a hot liquid magma, then it gradually cooled down till it was enveloped with ten to fifteen miles of solid crust of hot rock and metals etc. The earth still has in it burning hot magma which comes out in the eruption of a volcano revealing its origin blazing hot gaseous rotating nebula before the formation of the universe. The knowledge made it known that hot molten matter cannot carry any life into it.

So science has proved beyond any doubt that life did not begin from a non-living matter as thought by Darwin. Then how did life begin? Darwin also contended that there is a strong link between early ancestors and Ape. That strong link could be only through blood and DNA. If the DNA of man could match with ape. The anthropologists could produce a test tube baby by matching genes of both. Had that experiment been successful, the atheists could have arranged a great festival on the grave of Darwin.

Allah said: The nature ordained by Allah in which He hath created man. There is no altering to the laws of Allah’s creation. (30:30) (This is literal translation. Mostly the translators write their own opinion as translation. It is wrong. Arabic Fitrat or Fitrah means nature. Fatra verb means to create, bring into being. Al-Mawrid Arabic Englsih).

However the seventh century revolution mentioning there is no altering to God’s creation was opposed after Darwin’s evolution theory. A famous evolutionist writer Dobzhanski in his book, The Biological Basis of Human Freedom cynically stated, mutation produces changes in the genes and variants of the genes structure, these are the raw material of the evolution. (p.56) Another evolutionist A. Scheinfield in his book, The New You and Heredity states. It is through the rare instance of the favorable mutation, of innumerable kinds and countless numbers, occurring successfully over much extended period that the whole process of evolution may now be explained (p.476-1950) But after carrying out thousands of experience in mutation of different kinds the biologist had to acknowledge: H.J. Muller who received the Noble Prize in 1946 for his contributions to this field declaring the results of his experimentations said: Most mutations are bad, in fact good ones are so rare that we may consider them all as bad, (Times. Nov, 11, 1946 p.96). He also wrote in an article entitled Radiation and Human Mutation in Scientific American of Nov, 1955 saying: In more than 99 % cases the mutation of a gene produces some kind of harmful effect, some disturbance of function.

Dobzhanski who had very enthusiastically held that the mutations produce changes into gene had to acknowledge, A majority of mutations both those rising in laboratories and those stored in natural population, produce deterioration of the viability, heredity diseases and monstrosities. Such changes it would seem, can hardly serve as evolutionary building blocks. (Genetics and the Origin of Species p.73) The seventh century Divine Book the Qur’an could not be challenged that declared: The nature ordained by Allah (God) in which he hath created man. There is no altering to the laws of God’s creation. (30:30) Now I revert back to our main topic to find if science recognizes Adam as father of mankind. We have learnt from the science that the earth – from the sun – was like a fireball. So when it cooled down it was a dead matter and the dead matter can’t revive life on its own. So one has to accept that Allah (God) created all life forms and created man. Allah said: Be dutiful to your Lord. Who created you from a single soul (Adam). And from it created its mate, and from them twain spread abroad a multitude of men and women. (4:1) (Literal translation) Allah the Glorious, the Exalted pointing to His Omnipotence who created you from one lineage that He initiated from Adam and from him He created his mate (Eve). Now we shall see scientifically how could this lineage result in the multitude of men and women.

Science has unraveled a very amazing fact concerning heredity. It has established that neither mutations nor natural selection or any other factor advocated by evolutionists could result in making a different life form from previous form. Science has revealed a precise mechanism which fulfills the genesis law of reproduction only after its kind. This mechanism is found in the substance known as DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) within living cell. DNA has been found to be a carrier of inheritance code in living things.

DNA is a microscopic computer with a built in memory. It stores a fantastic number of blue prints and at the right time and place it issues the orders to build all the cells and structures of every plant, animal and human beings. This DNA is the chemical compound of which genes are made. DNA preserves all forms of life within their basic kinds. The amazing DNA keeps the organism within the bounds originally set for it allowing no alterations in it. It cannot deviate from it except by an accident such as radiation from outside cell, which results in impairment or death as was experienced at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Atomic Bombs thrown by USA in 1945.

Scientists are unanimous that living cell has retained its shape in all the ages after its creation in the body of Adam. Same is the case of animal and plant cells. Geneticists have found that heredity information for all species is determined by the sequence of the nitrogenous bases in the DNA molecule. Gene has one thousand or more such units strung together in a long thread. The genes in turn make a chromosome. A human cell has tens of thousand genes into 23 pairs of chromosome. These genes make for a fantastic variety with in a kind. This is why in the case of human family hardly any two people look alike, even though there are more than four billion people on earth today and yet they all remain within human-kind.

Over and above the heredity carrier DNA, there is conclusive evidence establishing Adam the father of mankind. There is tremendous gulf, which separates man from animal with regard to mental ability. Of all the living things, man is the only one who can continue to improve his knowledge. Animal can learn few things but they never progress beyond a certain point.

The chimpanzee is much superior to other non-human primates in memory, imagination and learning capability. But all efforts to educate chimpanzee or any other of the Ape family (of which human is claimed to be begotten by Darwin) have failed. They soon exhaust their capability to learn new things and can’t go beyond because their DNA allows for noting more.

How wonderful is the creation of man! When God created him to be His vicegerent on the earth there was a challenge as to his mental capability of Adam against angles and Jinn. (Satan was Jinn among angels) and these three are considered as prudent.

The Holy Qur’an details this. He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels saying: Inform Me of the names if ye are truthful. And He (God) taught Adam all the names. Names include the names of all the things, their nature characteristic and actions (Ibn Kathir). So the mind of Adam could absorb all the knowledge just after his creation. It is great miracle with regard to his mental capability, which finally established his superiority over others.

Therefore, human mind is not the outcome of evolution but it is a great gift with which God blessed Adam the father of mankind and children of Adam are quite distinct from all living beings due to their mental powers.

An Anthropologist Lorren C. Eisely said, that the arrival of human brain measured in geological terms, appears to have been surprisingly sudden. This huge mushroom of a brain, which has arisen magically between night and morning. When I say that the human brain exploded, I meant no less. (Scientific American Dec. 1953) An evolutionist H. Melleresh said, His is a different brain, admittedly superior in more than degree, yet in so great a degree as to constitute something new in the world. (The story of Man by H.E. Melleresh)

Man whether oriental, occidental, civilized or primitive has about the same high potential that creates a vast gulf between mankind and animal kind.

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