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The quraan and its compatibility with modern science

October 20th, 2011
by Sufia
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quran en 480x354 The quraan and its compatibility with modern science

First it is clear that science without religion is lame. This were the words of the famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner; Albert Einstein. It is therefore prudent to analyze the Quraan to find out whether it is compatible or incompatible to modern science. The Quraan is a book with several signs (more than 6000) of which more than a thousand deals with science.

Astronomy is widely covered by the Quran. Firstly, the creation of the universe by the “Big Bang “theory is captured in Al-Quran 21:30. The Big Bang theory is widely explained by the astrophysicists and supported by observational and data from experiments gathered by the astronomers and astrophysicists for several decades. There is a great congruence between the Quraanic verse and the Big Bang theory since the Quraan was a book written about 1400 years ago in the deserts of Arabia
Al-Quraan 41:11 also explains the formation of galaxies from a celestial matter that was in form of a gas. This implies huge gaseous matter were present prior to the formation of the galaxies. The word smoke is used in the Quraan to replace smoke.

The spherical shape of the earth is widely captured in the verse 31:29. From history it is documented that Sir Francis Drake was the first person who discovered that the earth is spherical when he did sail around it in 1597. The Quraan verse confirms this by quoting that God merges night into daylight and daylight into night. This brings out the aspect of the rotation of the earth which is a confirmation of the fact that the earth is a spherical body. This is also confirmed in verse 39:5 of the Al-Quraan. In verse 79:30 the Al-Quraan confirms that the earth was made in an egg-shape implying that it is spherical which a true confirmation of the modern scientific facts is.
The fact that the light of the moon is a reflected light is also captured in the verse 25:61 of the Al-Quraan. Science stated that the moonlight is reflected light. This is affirmed in Quraan where the constellations in the skies are mentioned alongside a lamp and a moon giving light. The fact was mentioned 1400 years ago: a proof of compatibility of the book and modern scientific facts. This is also brought out in the verse 71:15-16.

The verse 21:33 proves the fact that the earth and other bodies rotate around the sun in their own orbits as confirmed by the modern science. The rotation of the sun around its own axis is equally brought out. The sun usually have a circular motion once every 25 days that is to say the sun takes about 25 days to move around its own axis. The verse 36:40 also confirms this fact. The verse mentions the existence of the individual orbits of the sun and the moon and their motion within the space.
The Quraan also mentions facts captured in modern science in physics such as the existence of subatomic particles. In Geography aspects such as the water cycle which is usually explained in modern physics is explained. The fact that wind impregnates clouds is also highlighted in Quraan.

Geological facts such as mountains are fixed are also brought out in the book. Facts such as existence of barriers between sweet and salt waters and the existence of darkness in the depths of the depths of the ocean are some of the Oceanological facts highlighted in the Quraan. The book also covers other areas of modern science such as medicine, biology, zoology, botany, physiology, embryology among others and shows a highly degree of compatibility of the facts highlighted with the various disciplines of modern science.

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