Everything You Wanted To Know About Married Life In Islam

By Sufia

muslim marriage 480x333 Everything You Wanted To Know About Married Life In Islam

Prophet Muhammad, said: “The one who marry a girl because of wealth, Allah does not make him rich. The one who marry a girl because of beauty, God discovers what dislikes and what it was ugly. The one who marry a girl because of her faith,  Allah will give him a fortune“ .

In marriage husband and wife complete each other.

Women are the clothes of yours and you are the clothes of their. Clothing has three purposes: to cover, protect and polish.

In Islam, a guy and a girl become permitted each other only when they get married .Every relationship outside of marriage is perversion.

The woman is more sensitive and physically weaker than men. She experiences life more emotionally and understand many things that man has never been able to understand. Every man has to know and respect this. She is physically weak, so the husband’s duty is to care for his family’s expenses. About this Allah says in his book: “Men take care of women because Allah has given the advantage of one over another”…

In Islam, the role of women and men are divided into: a woman is a mother and she is manager of housekeeping while the husband earns livelihood. Woman, with psyche and bodily structure is prepared to be a mother. Because of this important role, which requires all of her time, she was exempt from work and occupations outside the home.

The Quran even says: “They (women) have the same rights as husbands, but husbands  have the advantage over them for a degree.” Islam gives all the rights of woman and man, eg the right to work, education, spiritual elevation, intellectual development, but being a wife and mother were in the first place.

This man advantage for a degree by the fact that he is physically stronger and less susceptible to the emotions than women. Because the most important questions and decisions in family life Islam gives to husbands  last word. Proved by the fact that a woman listens to her feelings while man is more reliant on his intellect.

Divorce in Islam is undesirable. Prophet said: “Of all the things that are allowed by Islam, divorce is the worst.”

Finally, I ask Allah Ta’ala to show us the right path. Amen.

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