Modernization has rusted the islamic values

By Sufia

Modernization in islam Modernization has rusted the islamic values

Islam is religion that is sent for the humanity to follow till the world ends. The religious Book of Holy Quran has guidance for every aspect of life. Our last Prophet (PBUH) has set practical example of a life that should be lead by the true Muslim. The Muslims have ruled the world when they follow the Islamic laws strictly but as they follow modern trends and become ease loving they turn into third world countries.

Modernization in the field of education and technology is well appreciated with reference to Islam. But if we take today’s modernization vulgarity is at its peak in its name.  Being modern the ladies have started wearing sleeveless dresses without dupattas. Islam preaches to cover the beauties and considered it loyalty towards their husbands. Whole body should be completely covered that the Muslim women should not look like the exposing stuff of enjoyment. Thus, Islamic values are left behind to be trendy. Muslims are too busy to perform prayers yet not busy to gossip on the mobiles, chat on internet and go at shopping malls. They have money to invest in the business, buy a new car, arrange the wedding of their kids but make excuses to go on the holy privilege Hajj which is obligatory on those who can afford it.

The media has taken up the youth a lot. They waste a lot of time watching movies. In the name of modernization the young ones imitate to be the false characters they watch. Instead of learning about the Quran and Holy Prophets, they are fans of Batman and Spiderman. Even during the month of Ramadan the sounds of music float in air. Dancing and singing is not a part of our religion but people Muslims are obsessed into it. People have started avoiding fasting because of their business meetings, matches, work burden, exams and countless reasons. Those who fast does not perform prayers or do tell lies that kill the main purpose of fasting. Muslims avoid paying Zakat for the lust of money and increase their wealth to get double. They are Muslims without following Islamic values so are doomed to be ruled by the super powers.

Islam preaches to be simple but to show off people are making their own life complicated. Dowry is not a part of the Islamic values but Muslims are giving their daughters a lot of stuff to maintain their social standard. They waste money in different wedding parties whereas Islam says to have Nikah and reception. From that sum many other girls can be married simply with little stuff necessary for household. The modernization has rusted the soles of the Muslims depriving them from following the set rules of their great religion.

Islam is a simple religion with importance of choices
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