World is changing in each and every second. This world has changed greatly then the time when Islam establish. In this modern world the life style of people is totally different then old times. This current world gives a new shape to the Muslim world also. To live in this faster world Muslim society changed their life style greatly which has both the positive and negative effect.

Modern Islam is helps to create a good number of educated Muslim. For different reason a big part of Muslim world went under the black whole of illiteracy. This made a great harm to the Muslim world. Currently, this modern world is breaking that clutter and this is greatly important for Muslim world.

Modern Islam gives the equal chance to the man and woman on the basis of Islamic law, but in past it was not possible. This helps greatly to improve the quality of life. Educated woman are helping Muslim society to get a good position in this world. Modern Islam is doing more research Quran which is the complete solution of life. This research helps the world people to get clearer picture of Islam. Modern Islam is making the life of Muslims so easier and giving clearer picture of Islam.

hijab2 e1306496260536 480x658 Muslim Women and the Veil

Veil or Hijab is one of the most important aspects for Muslim women and in Islam it is been reinforced to wear veil. The veil is been encouraged in nearly every situation except from the men with whom marriage is prohibited. In Islam marriage is forbidden with fourteen men such as father, brother, uncle and eleven more. Besides these, women must wear veil in front of every men.

By wearing veil Women can perform their regular activities in a normal manner. In Islam it is highly encouraged a number of reasons such as security, symbol of modesty, represent the Religion itself.

In the modern there are been lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding this veil. In some countries it is already banned and Muslim women are harassed for wearing veil. Because some people consider it as a symbol of oppression and terrorism and this kind of mind set was provoked by Twin-Tower incident.

We should keep in mind that the veil is the symbol of a religion and over time it is been proved that veil has helped women to secure themselves from many odds of the society. So if a Muslim woman want to wear veil she should not stopped from practicing her Religion.

Islam is the religion of peace. From all the activities of Islam gives us the lesson of peace. Islam greatly preferred forgiveness. General pardon after the triumph of Makkah is another example of forgiveness of Islam. There are several reasons are in there for preferring forgiveness in Islam.

Now let’s start the discussion that the reason of preferred forgiveness in Islam. At first we already said that Islam is the religion of peace and forgiveness is one of the most important conditions of peace. Islam gives people lots of chance to do the right things. Islam shows us the perfect way of chose the right path. Now, the guilty person always influenced to find the good path if there is a chance of forgiveness.

Forgiveness also helps to make the different in the human mind. It allows people to think broadly, Islam always prefer these things that’s why Islam allowed forgiveness in most cases.

Islam always prefer a good social condition, and forgiveness is helpful to make that condition, especially if this forgiveness is practices among different religion then different society people can make a real peaceful world.

Finally it can be said that Islam is the path peace, and forgiveness is the door of that. For this reason Islam is highly prefer forgiveness.

From the beginning of 8th century Muslim scientists were made a great improvement in different sectors of science in different times. They had done a great advancement in almost all the sectors of science but mostly in medical science, physics, and mathematics.

Many of Muslim scientist made laws and process are using in current world also. There are a great number of Muslim scientist have a great contribution in modern science, so it is really hard to say a particular name of Muslim scientist who great contribution in science.

Now, when we are going to discuss about the contribution of Muslim scientists then at first we need to tell the name of Kharazmi. He is a Persian mathematics, who made a revolution in math.  He changed the concepts of algebra and introduced us with rational and irrational numbers; he also made a great change in Calculus. The name of Mansur also comes in front, whose invention helps the world to make better musical instrument.

Al-kindi is another greatest scientist, who has great contribution in physics. He did a great improvement in optics. Al-Zahir also made a great improvement in anatomy science. Omar Khayyam, Al Ghazali, Al Biruni are also some greatest scientist who has a great contribution in modern science.

makkah 480x768 General Pardon after the Triumph of Makkah

Islam is the religion of peace. Islam is the only religion which gives the perfect peaceful life to a human.  This religion never supported any type of fighting. It only gives the permission to go for Zihad only for established Islam, but still there are many condition is in there. Now, the general pardon after triumph of Makkah is another example of peaceful Islam.

Before the triumph of Islam, the enemies of Islam did a great harm the greatest prophet Hazarat Muhammad sm. For them Hazrat Muhammad sm did not able to lead his life perfectly. Even, the enemies of Islam made the road imperfect while the last prophet was walking through that road.

While he was in Makkah, enemies of Islam tried to kill him many times. For them Hazrat Muhammad sm left Makkah. These people not only did this harm to Last prophet Hazat Muhammad sm, but they also did a great harm to Islam.  They filled kabba with 360 idols and stones. They killed lots of Muslims. They did not allowed the normal Muslim people to did the normal activities of Islam religion.

Even these enemies did a great harm to this Islam, but after the triumph of Makkah, the greatest prophet Hazrat Muhammad sm, gave a general pardon to all of these enemies. This is an example of peaceful Islam.

This current world is greatly grateful to the Muslim world. In almost all the departments of science and technology Muslim world made a great improvement in different eras. Many different great things were invented by this Muslim world which helps the people of this world to see the advancement of science.

It can be said that the exploration of science and technology in Muslim world was made from the very beginning of 8th century. In that time Muslim scientist were greatly advanced and even they were advanced then the Greek scientist.  Muslim scientist has done a great work on medical science, math and physics. Kharazmi who was a Persian mathematics made a great change in the total concepts of Algebra. He invented the terms rational and irrational numbers. Many of the terms of algebra were made by him which are still using.

We also can say the name of Alhazen, who was made a great improvement in optics, his improvement is now using in current optical fiber. In 15th century Persian scientist Mansur, made a great improvement in the anatomy science. Not only had him in different time different Muslim scientist made a great improvement in medical science. Like this scientist in different time different Muslim scientist were made a great development in world science and technology.

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