General Pardon after the Triumph of Makkah

By Sufia

makkah 480x768 General Pardon after the Triumph of Makkah

Islam is the religion of peace. Islam is the only religion which gives the perfect peaceful life to a human.  This religion never supported any type of fighting. It only gives the permission to go for Zihad only for established Islam, but still there are many condition is in there. Now, the general pardon after triumph of Makkah is another example of peaceful Islam.

Before the triumph of Islam, the enemies of Islam did a great harm the greatest prophet Hazarat Muhammad sm. For them Hazrat Muhammad sm did not able to lead his life perfectly. Even, the enemies of Islam made the road imperfect while the last prophet was walking through that road.

While he was in Makkah, enemies of Islam tried to kill him many times. For them Hazrat Muhammad sm left Makkah. These people not only did this harm to Last prophet Hazat Muhammad sm, but they also did a great harm to Islam.  They filled kabba with 360 idols and stones. They killed lots of Muslims. They did not allowed the normal Muslim people to did the normal activities of Islam religion.

Even these enemies did a great harm to this Islam, but after the triumph of Makkah, the greatest prophet Hazrat Muhammad sm, gave a general pardon to all of these enemies. This is an example of peaceful Islam.

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