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The Contribution of Islamic Scientists to the Modern Science

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From the beginning of 8th century Muslim scientists were made a great improvement in different sectors of science in different times. They had done a great advancement in almost all the sectors of science but mostly in medical science, physics, and mathematics.

Many of Muslim scientist made laws and process are using in current world also. There are a great number of Muslim scientist have a great contribution in modern science, so it is really hard to say a particular name of Muslim scientist who great contribution in science.

Now, when we are going to discuss about the contribution of Muslim scientists then at first we need to tell the name of Kharazmi. He is a Persian mathematics, who made a revolution in math.  He changed the concepts of algebra and introduced us with rational and irrational numbers; he also made a great change in Calculus. The name of Mansur also comes in front, whose invention helps the world to make better musical instrument.

Al-kindi is another greatest scientist, who has great contribution in physics. He did a great improvement in optics. Al-Zahir also made a great improvement in anatomy science. Omar Khayyam, Al Ghazali, Al Biruni are also some greatest scientist who has a great contribution in modern science.

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