Islam is the religion of peace. From all the activities of Islam gives us the lesson of peace. Islam greatly preferred forgiveness. General pardon after the triumph of Makkah is another example of forgiveness of Islam. There are several reasons are in there for preferring forgiveness in Islam.

Now let’s start the discussion that the reason of preferred forgiveness in Islam. At first we already said that Islam is the religion of peace and forgiveness is one of the most important conditions of peace. Islam gives people lots of chance to do the right things. Islam shows us the perfect way of chose the right path. Now, the guilty person always influenced to find the good path if there is a chance of forgiveness.

Forgiveness also helps to make the different in the human mind. It allows people to think broadly, Islam always prefer these things that’s why Islam allowed forgiveness in most cases.

Islam always prefer a good social condition, and forgiveness is helpful to make that condition, especially if this forgiveness is practices among different religion then different society people can make a real peaceful world.

Finally it can be said that Islam is the path peace, and forgiveness is the door of that. For this reason Islam is highly prefer forgiveness.