Do you have a cell phone, a computer, a car or an apartment to live in? If you have any one thing of these you are a rich person. And if you are spending your monthly money in buying the phone cards, the petrol for the car or bicycle, or even paying the bill for the air conditioner than you should consider spending a little on the poor around you.

This spending of some money to help the poor around you is considered to be the Alms-giving in Islam. This practice of Alms-giving in Islam is most liked and appreciated.

Islam is the religion of peace and care. You are a good Muslim if you take care of your people around you as well. It has been strictly said in Islam that you should take very good care of your neighbors and city mates. It has been a great practice to pay alms to the poor. This not only helps them to get the daily necessities of life but also makes them, feel that they are considered as the functional part of the society.

The alms-giving in Islam is not restricted to money only. You can also give the poor and needy people the clothes, the daily necessity things, and anything that you consider important. It has also been mentioned in Holy Quran that which people are considered as the desiring people for the Alms.