When it expands, it becomes a whole universe,

When it shrinks, it becomes a little dot,

The world is so small and at my feet,

I take a stick and draw a large circle,

I make a dot right in the center,

I put my stick on the dot,

And, go around the dot,

The world is so small…

We need to find our centers, our dots and our points of concentration…to bring the world at our feet…it is useless to encircle the world in the large circle…when you can go around the dot. Your time will reduce which you spend for the exploration…you will be able to see the whole world and beyond by putting your stick firmly on the dot…

The dot is Kabah…the center of earth and according to the beliefs of the believer; it is the center of universe. And, the manifestation of heart – the central organ – the stick in your hand is your Aqal or wisdom, mind. Put your mind, brain, intelligence right on the center or dot and make the world so small and at your feet.

You have to collect your scattered thoughts and bring them all to unite at one point. It is achieved by exercising your mind through meditation and contemplation. With meditation, you can achieve the concentration of mind and once you have conquered your thoughts and achieved focused mind then nothing can be in your way to success. This is the message that a believer receives when he sits in a quiet place every day and remembers Allah SWT. There is comfort and peace in the remembrance of Allah SWT and it is the best form of supplication or ibadah.