I am a Muslim, I belong to a Muslim family and I used to think that had I be a Muslim if I was born in some non-Muslim family, would I be a good Muslim if I have not read anything about Islam the way my parents have made me learn. Surely it is a huge blessing of Allah Almighty that He made me a part of a Muslim family and they somehow made me learn few basics of Islam too. But is it all enough? Am I a true Muslim? If not, how to become a good Muslim?

It is said that you if you work hard for something you will get it. I used to hear it from my teachers at school that if you aim at the moon and you don’t get it you will certainly fall among the stars. So keep your aims high first if you want to become a good Muslim.

Keeping aims high means that you not only have to think of yourself only but also of the other people around you. You should get knowledge about Islam, Implement it and also teach it to the others. Being a good Muslim not only means that you offer your prayers timely and recite the Holy Quran, it also means that you spread Islam and behave nicely with the people around you. This is the true essence of learning Islam and being a good Muslim.