History of Islam

By Sufia

Islam is one of the oldest religions of this world. The history of this religion is so depth than others. In different times Islam was spread by different prophets, but Islam established in this world after the revolution of the greatest prophet Hazrat Muhammad sm.

He was the last prophet and in his time world got the holy Quran which was the complete solution of life. As he was the last prophet so, after his death, Muslim world was starting to follow the holy Quran and Hadith to lead their life which helped to create a healty history of Islam.

After the death of Hazrat Muhammad sm, the Islam got four Caliphs for governing the entire Islamic world. They Caliphs are – Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman and finally Ali. These four Caliphs were so close to Hazrat Muhammad sm. These four Caliphs ran the whole Islamic world under the strong rules and regulation of Quran. They made different laws and regulation for the Islamic world based on the Sharia. These Caliphs are known as rightly guided Caliphs.

After the end of these four Caliph’s time, different person came into power. Among them in the time of Abbasids Islam was greatly enriched in every sectors. That was known as “The Golden Age” of Islam. After the time Islam was spread in different countries which helped to make the history of Islam more healthy.

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