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Have We Weaned Ourselves from the Dunya?

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faith spirituality Have We Weaned Ourselves from the Dunya?

Today I have selected the topics named weaning from the Dunya. Weaning off may be defined as the leave of love of the world.  This is the base of Islam cornerstone m teaching or learning.

Most of the people heard this but they cannot leave the attraction of this world and gradually they are becoming more and more fascinated for the attraction of the world.  By creation man desire and also express love from the others but they are not enough with this love they demand and cherish to have more and more comfort which is taught by our great and peaceful religion Islam.

After reading this you can have a question that how we know that we have weaned ourselves from the world.  This answer belongs to you not mine. You have to answer a simple question like what do you really cherish.

The answer must be the comfort, happiness, amenities etc. As the baby cannot live without his mother’s breast milk and also you can not live without the comfort, happiness, and amenities. But this does not Islam teaches. They not only cherish to have this they must have and without having this they behave like crazy.

This ego is just to compare with child shouting for her mother milk. They must remember that this world is not forever it is only for that time until them alive after that they have face another life. SO they cannot make or build any world like this. In the recent period of time man totally forget this and for this when they do not get according to their wish or cherish they can do any harmful behavior.  This cannot be the behavior of the beautiful mankind.

As weaning is a gradual process and for this we have to leave it also gradually. Zuhd has three degrees like l eaving what is prohibited (haram), leaving what is uncalled for of the lawful (al-fudul min al-halal), leaving whatever distracts you from God.

Among them the first Zuhd is the zuhd of the masses. The second one is zuhd of the elite and the last one is zuhd of the gnostics (‘arifin). The first level is an obligation on each Muslim; the second, highly desirable; the third, the sought after goal.

Once you start to love Allah then you can follow all of these restrictions without feeling any hesitation. Otherwise you will have to suffer in another world. I think you have already got the all things to wean off the world which is very important according to the teaching of Islam.

If you are a real Muslim then you must leave the overall attraction of the world otherwise you will suffer a lot in another world of Allah in which we have to answer the entire question that you have done in the world. So you must be very careful about this and start to try weaning off the world for your own betterment.

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  1. Mashallah, Great article, may Allah reward you immensely!


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