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The Importance of Hajj

May 25th, 2011
by Sufia
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zilhaj 9 muzdalifa 480x800 The Importance of Hajj

Islam is standing based on five fundamentals. Hajj is one of the. From this statement it is easily understandable that how important the Hajj really is. All the Muslim people who have financial and physical ability to go for Hajj they must need to go for Hajj. In Islam Hajj has great effect again it also has the effect on social and economical condition of different countries.
Hajj has a very position in Islam, it is mandatory to all Muslim to go for Hajj, but the people who does not physical and financial ability to go for Hajj, this hajj is not mandatory for them.  In several times in Quran it is said to people of this world to go for Hajj.

Again, as the last and the greatest prophet Hazrat Muhammad sm, perform Hajj is one of the process for being superior. Hajj helps person to clear all the sins of his entire life, this makes the life of person as clear as he was born.
Now, from the upper discussion we have found the importance of Hajj from the point of view of Islam. It also has great influence on social world. In Hajj different people meet with each other which really help to increase the social relationship with different people.


  1. As-Salamu `alaykum.
    Hajj is very important worship in Islam, It is a pillar of Islam, and pillars are very important to become a true Muslim, May Allah (SWT) give us an ability to perform Hajj, Hajj is a fard as a minimum one time in a life but Hajj is not fard to those people who are financially weak.

  2. Asalamu alaikum


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