Muslims had a great history. They have an era of prosperity and general rule which they call as the golden age of Islam. In that particular time, they say, Islam was practically and fully implemented. The Islam that we see today is not the real Islam implementation. They say that the golden era of Islam needs to be revived because today the Muslims have shifted away from the teachings of Islam. The teachings of tolerance, the message of peace, the true worship of Allah Almighty and the relations among them need to be rectified quickly.

If you are a Muslim, you would certainly have thought that the west specially treats you people critically and differently. You might have observed much strictness than any other people. The reason is simple a few of you people have made a bad impression, though you don’t consider them from amongst you but the world does. So the best way you can get yourself your esteem back is by proving yourself true and implementing Islam the way it is meant to be practiced.

The Holy Quran has clearly mentioned where you need to have tolerance- you are not supposed to harm anyone who is not a danger to you, you cannot harm any children or women as per rules of Islam and also Human rights, you need to tolerate others in your community and develop good relations with them. In this way you can become a good part of International community by reviving the golden era of Islam.