Islam is a religion which gives a complete solution of life. This religion gives us an entire picture that how a person can lead his life. It gives us a complete box of rules and regulation for creating the economic strategies. That’s why on the basis of Islamic laws there are many banks are running their activities. In these banks all the type of interest on loan is totally prohibited as these laws.

Islam has given many rules and regulation for running the normal activities of our life. These rules and regulation are calling as Sharia. From this Sharia and from the normal activities of greatest prophet Hazrat Muhammad sm, we get the knowledge that Islam has prohibited all types of Interest.

This interest is mainly known as Riba in Islamic world. This interest does not mean only the money but it is also prohibited to take any type of gift, facilities, service or giving condition for giving loan to others.  In the holy Quran it comes four times that interest is totally prohibited.

Now, there are many Islamic banks are running their activities on the basis of Islamic Sharia and as the Sharia these banks are bound to make their activities as interest free, otherwise their whole Islamic process will be valueless.