Economy is the major factor of any state. You need to maintain a strong economy if you wish to stand in the today’s advancing world. But to keep a strong economy, you need to take care of your currency. The major players in this field today are the Euro and the dollars.

If you wish to keep a stable economic condition in your country, you have to keep the foreign currency specially that I have mentioned running through your banks frequently. Now, the question is that is it the only solution? Can we make our selves stable only if we follow the currency of some other country?  My answer would be that we can survive better if we bring and promote the new currency- the Islamic currency.

The major need of Islamic currency is that in this way, we will get our economy stable. Have you thought that the world’s most oil resides in Islamic countries, the salt ranges are immense, gold mines are more than anything, the world’s most elegant hotels and restaurants, and all sorts of things that can be a part of the economic boost up are lying within the Muslim countries? Then why don’t we have our own currency- One currency that is followed by Muslims around the globe. In this way not only we will be able to get a better use of our resources but also make our economies stronger and more stable.