Have you seen the despair that lasts long and ever in the eyes of the girl who has lost her father? Have you felt the agony of the women who is ruthlessly tortured just because that she was a Muslim? Have you ever placed yourself in their place and felt mourns and tears around you? If you haven’t, this is the time to think about it. The world is speaking of human rights protection and the war crime reduction but there are certain elements who are bypassing all the rules and regulations just to have some personal benefits.

I know about them, you know about them but we are force to keep our lips shut for the super power will thrash our head away if we dare to speak a single word against the cruelty and spite. This is not the uniform attitude; it is just against the Muslims. I question why is it so?

This discriminating behavior against Muslims has created huge global challenges for the Muslims. If you are a Muslim you must have observed the change the international community has brought in its attitude after the incident of 911. You have to pass through extra security checks on the airports, you have to pay for each and every thing you do whether legal or illegal, your mothers and sisters are no safer as in Afghanistan and Iraq. All these are the challenges you have to conquer. And that can only be done if you implement Islam in true sense.