Emotional disorders 480x480 Emotional disorders and the Islamic view in their prevention

Emotional disorders are common medical complication in this century. The current man is really under pressure from different factors is largely affected emotionally. Depression is very common and leads to very complicated health ailments. There is much pressure from the workplaces, academic work, and family, among others. Problems of high blood pressure are very common globally. There is need that preventive measures are prescribed for this. Emotional disorders are the disturbances of the behavior and results in disturbance of a person’s function in the society. It is evident that human life is affected by biological, social and psychological factors. These factors equally have a great bearing on the human behavior.

Religion plays a very special role in the satisfaction of our physical and spiritual needs. Islam as a religion has teachings on the code of behavior and gives a meaning for the existence for each and every one of us. It is very unfortunate that in the modern society there is a great decline in the moral standards. There are numerous cases of divorce, drugs and substance abuse, excessive indulgence in sexual activities and other unethical behaviors.  These behaviors have led to conflicts, loneliness, depression and other psychological signs. Even though there is a great advancement in sciences of behavior, there is very limited progress in obtaining solutions to the psychiatric problems.

Psychotherapy is very important in seeking a lasting solution to these problems. It is clearly known to be a form of education, which directs the patient to recognize his conduct and conform to the required standards. It helps to encourage a person with a deviant behavior to change and conform to the good ethics expected of him in the society. In the Quraan and Hadith the best principles of change of behavior are illustrated. The Muslim physicians and mental health professionals need to incorporate the Islamic values and ethics in seeking ways of treating such complications. This is indicated in Sura 41 verse 44 of the Al-Quraan.

Islam as a religion in satisfying the physical and the spiritual needs of the believers. It teaches on the ways to behave and the conservation of social values and expounds on the reason for their existence. This enables people adapt to stressful events that may lead to emotional disorders.

The family is a very important institution in shaping the life of any person. The family is therefore very important as an institution in seeking lasting solution to the problems of emotional disorders. The family is the first institution that a child interacts with upon birth. That immediate environment is very important in shaping the behavior of that child. There is therefore need to cultivate good family values in order to curb the above problems.

In conclusion, the Islamic teachings are very vital in ensuring that the problems associated with emotional disorders are controlled once and for all.

islam and faith 480x404 Purification of the heart and soul

Islam just like any other religion has its own teachings on the benefits of the purification of the hart and the soul. This act forms the major portion of building the Muslim personality. It is referred to as al Tazkiyah in the Quraan. Some of the virtues associated with it are very keys in the Islamic faith and include adorning and practicing the 99 attributes of Allah, applying the virtues of compassion and mercy, holding one’s brother and sister’s well being higher than one’s self, generosity, trustworthiness and piousness. The most high God had a great regard for this practice and this is illustrated by examples in the Quraan

This aspect is one of the spiritual goals of the Islamic faith and is very fundamental for all the Muslims across the globe. This is must be a practice in a Muslim’s daily living. Since the aspect is very critical to Allah, a believer must act intelligently to acquire it by staying very closely to Allah. This can be achieved by seeking closeness to Allah, reading and comprehending clearly of the words from the Quraan. It is very clear from Quraan that those who want love from Allah must practice this aspect. This is brought out in the verses 1-10 of Surah al Shams (91).

Thikru Allah i.e. the remembrance of Allah is one of the most important components of the aspect. This term is always used to reflect a collection of ways in which any Muslim remembers, resides and attains being close to Allah in his heart and him. The term has to do with more than just recollection of something in memory but it is a training institution that aids develop people Muslims with enlightened hearts, fully occupied with Allah and his attributes. This is brought out in verse 13:27-28 of the holy Quraan. A Muslim can find it easy to accomplish a change in the heart by practicing Thinkr Allah. The simplest way to achieve this is fast is to start out by attaching your heart to him and then connecting it to his guidance. Once the heart is cleansed all the other parts of the body become clean and pure.

The 99 attributes largely mentioned in the Quraan are heaven of spiritual enrichments. Each attribute is an institution that gives a clear communication about Allah. It is always said that a true believer loves Allah most. Having good knowledge in Allah makes him to delink himself totally from evil things. This practice is as a result of having a deep knowledge of Allah.

Thinkr uses the symbols of the most high God and his creations as a way of recollection and contemplation. These are signs that are well illustrated in the Quraan. It is fact that about 75 verses in the Quraan speaks about this fundamental teaching in Islamic religion. The verses are said to highlight on the teaching in a number of ways.

In conclusion it is very important for every Muslim believer to practice purification of the heart and soul as this will enhance their closeness to Allah and enable them do good deeds all the time as illustrated in the Quraan.

quran en 480x354 The quraan and its compatibility with modern science

First it is clear that science without religion is lame. This were the words of the famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner; Albert Einstein. It is therefore prudent to analyze the Quraan to find out whether it is compatible or incompatible to modern science. The Quraan is a book with several signs (more than 6000) of which more than a thousand deals with science.

Astronomy is widely covered by the Quran. Firstly, the creation of the universe by the “Big Bang “theory is captured in Al-Quran 21:30. The Big Bang theory is widely explained by the astrophysicists and supported by observational and data from experiments gathered by the astronomers and astrophysicists for several decades. There is a great congruence between the Quraanic verse and the Big Bang theory since the Quraan was a book written about 1400 years ago in the deserts of Arabia
Al-Quraan 41:11 also explains the formation of galaxies from a celestial matter that was in form of a gas. This implies huge gaseous matter were present prior to the formation of the galaxies. The word smoke is used in the Quraan to replace smoke.

The spherical shape of the earth is widely captured in the verse 31:29. From history it is documented that Sir Francis Drake was the first person who discovered that the earth is spherical when he did sail around it in 1597. The Quraan verse confirms this by quoting that God merges night into daylight and daylight into night. This brings out the aspect of the rotation of the earth which is a confirmation of the fact that the earth is a spherical body. This is also confirmed in verse 39:5 of the Al-Quraan. In verse 79:30 the Al-Quraan confirms that the earth was made in an egg-shape implying that it is spherical which a true confirmation of the modern scientific facts is.
The fact that the light of the moon is a reflected light is also captured in the verse 25:61 of the Al-Quraan. Science stated that the moonlight is reflected light. This is affirmed in Quraan where the constellations in the skies are mentioned alongside a lamp and a moon giving light. The fact was mentioned 1400 years ago: a proof of compatibility of the book and modern scientific facts. This is also brought out in the verse 71:15-16.

The verse 21:33 proves the fact that the earth and other bodies rotate around the sun in their own orbits as confirmed by the modern science. The rotation of the sun around its own axis is equally brought out. The sun usually have a circular motion once every 25 days that is to say the sun takes about 25 days to move around its own axis. The verse 36:40 also confirms this fact. The verse mentions the existence of the individual orbits of the sun and the moon and their motion within the space.
The Quraan also mentions facts captured in modern science in physics such as the existence of subatomic particles. In Geography aspects such as the water cycle which is usually explained in modern physics is explained. The fact that wind impregnates clouds is also highlighted in Quraan.

Geological facts such as mountains are fixed are also brought out in the book. Facts such as existence of barriers between sweet and salt waters and the existence of darkness in the depths of the depths of the ocean are some of the Oceanological facts highlighted in the Quraan. The book also covers other areas of modern science such as medicine, biology, zoology, botany, physiology, embryology among others and shows a highly degree of compatibility of the facts highlighted with the various disciplines of modern science.

Quran text 480x333 Embryology in the quraan and the scientific view
Information on embryology and human reproduction & development are spread all over the Quraan. Most of the verses on the subject had not been expounded on. In the recent past a lot of emphasis has been put to appreciate the verses fully. Due to lack of proper scientific awareness, improper translations & commentaries it had been extremely difficult to interprate the verses. The urge to get information on embryology began long ago during the times of prophet Muhammad when questions were asked extensively on the verses relating to human production and embryology. The Hadith literature is used as the basis of answers of the Apostle.

Different Islamic scholars have done several translations of some of the verses in the Quraan touching on this subject matter. Sheikh Abdul Majid Zendani, a great professor of Islamic studies in one of the leading universities in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) is one of such scholars. He translated the statement from Sura 39:6.

Information on illustration of foetus development in the womb is equally documented to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th Century. It is also documented that Galen described the placenta and the development of foetus in one of his books called On the Formation of the Foetus. This was done far much earlier in the 2th century AD.

It is also well recorded in history that doctors in the 7th century A.D. knew very well that the foetus developed in the womb. Earlier explanations of the same had been provided by Aristotle in the 4th century B.C. Details into the development of the foetus was given far much later in the 15th century from the records available. However, more was discovered upon the discovery of the microscope in the 17th century by Leeuwenhoek. This made it easier to provide clear descriptions on the early stages of development of the foetus. Final descriptive explanations came in 1941 when Streeter developed the first system of staging. The most comprehensive explanation was given by O’Rahilly in 1972: he described the three stages of human development as to be confined to the anterior abdominal wall, uterine wall and then the amniochorionic membrane.

Sura 23:13 is equally a verse on the human development and embryology. It focuses on the zygote which later splits to form a blastocyst which then implanted in the uterus where it develops into a human being. Sura 23:14 is equally interpreted and is another important verse on the subject matter. It describes the human embryo from the days 7-24 when it usually clings to the endometrium of the uterus. The Sura describes in details the development of the foetus as compared to the verses.

Sura 32:9 describes the development the human senses. It describes the development in a certain order i.e. the appearance of the appearance of the primordial of the internal ears first followed by the eyes and lastly the brain differentiates.

Sura 22:5 illustrates that the embryo is mainly composed of differentiated and undifferentiated tissues.  The tissues described are the mesechyme and the cartilage bones. The mesechyme usually differentiates later into the muscles and ligaments. The verse also acknowledges the fact that God determines which embryo would stay in the uterus till full term and whether it will be a boy or a girl.

The science of modern embryology has facilitated to a great extent the understanding of the verses in the Quraan on embryology and human development. The science has afforded many followers of prophet Muhammad a new understanding of the subject matter.

FULL – Dr. Zakir Naik The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science vs Dr William Campbell – Chicago, April1, 2000.
Organized by the Islamic circle of north america ICNA.

Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and Beauty 480x338 Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and BeautyGettyImages

Present day Muslim women are now becoming more aware of their moral values and religious teachings, thus turning themselves towards their religion. This has resulted in numerous women in covering themselves up. This dress code depicts the modesty and simplicity every Muslim woman possesses. This dress code is known as the hijab, which implies that all Muslim women cover themselves up while going out. And they should cover themselves in such a manner that only their face and hands are visible. Rest of the body should be fully covered.

As numerous women have turned towards covering themselves, it is becoming more of a trend now. It has considerably gained popularity amongst the Muslim women. Therefore, this dress is now seen in many styles, colors and designs. One thing we need to keep in mind is hijab is not only a head scarf or head gear to simply hide your hair and neck. Though these two parts are also to be covered when you wear this dress, but it is more of a complete body dress which allows you to cover up fully.

As more women now cover themselves, you can find a verity of designs and styles. Many hijabs have embroidery on them. They are adorned with beads, embroidery, lining of different colors, outlines and many more. But if you are in search for the more traditional ones, then you can buy those in plains. Same way, the more traditional colors included blacks and browns. But today, it’s not the same. You will find a verity of colors to choose from, so many colors that you will be dazzled.

There are numerous styles now available, and in different clothing material. Mostly it is found in silk clothing. All these designs not only complement your looks, but also enhance your entire outlook and add an element of elegance to your personality. From the very traditional ones for old ladies to the very classy and trendy ones for the young college or office-going girls, you will find an unlimited verity. So there’s no need for you to compromise with fashion because of your dress code that your religion asks you to wear. You can bring some style to your new outlook with the many designs that are now available.

Due to the increased demand in hijabs, many fashion designers have now responded to it by coming up with designs that not only are stylish, yet they complement the Islamic dress codes. Not only that, they are now made with material to complement different parts of the world and the climate of that particular region or place. As Muslim dressing is largely influenced by their surrounding environment, climate, culture, traditions and values. So as to show the true identity the Muslims of this world hold.

Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of Fanaticism Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of FanaticismGettyImages

One of the most important essentials of Islamic dress code for women is hijab. In all of Islamic regions, states, and places where Muslims reside, it is quite necessary for women to cover themselves up. This is the basic teachings of Islam and Hadith. There are many reasons to why this dress code is important and necessary in Islam. But that does not mean Islam is a backward religion. Or nowhere does it imply all those women who cover themselves up cannot think modern.

People all over the world, all those who are not a member of this beautiful religion believe that Islam remains steadfast on its principles. In their eyes, these principles seem to be quite immoral. Moreover, wearing hijab is merely part of that immorality. Because they have assumed that Islam is a male dominant religion, and women are suppressed. And their men force them to cover up. In addition, this is where they go wrong. Women cover themselves up because this is what Islam teaches them to do. This is the word of the Lord which needs to be followed. But covering oneself up solely does not mean that they are left behind in the modern world.

We have moved way out of the old, conservative age. Now, a more modern and trendier world is coming up front. Moreover, when a Muslim woman, in this modern world, covers herself up, she is considered backward and conservative. But why look at only one side of the picture? Why not the other side? As we already know that there are two sides of a picture, and one side is already before you. Now let’s take a look at the other side.

When a woman wears hijab, she is doing it out of wish, to please her Lord. Not only that, this is what satisfies her. She feels rather comfortable being in that particular dress, she feels protected. She knows that no wrong kind of men will set eyes on her or even try to do something unethical. This is the feeling she gets when she covers herself in public. A feeling that she is strong and protected and nothing can harm her. But at the same time, it does not imply that she holds a narrow minded perspective. Even while covering her, she thinks like a modern person, acts like one and performs her daily task like any modern person around the globe.

As every religion has certain rules and principles, which its believers follow, it is the case with Islam. Islam is a complete religion for humanity. Its foundations are based on morality, values, sanctuary and sacredness. In addition, every Muslim has the right to follow it in accordance to its teachings and values. And this is what any Muslim woman does. She wears a hijab because her religion tells her to do so. Only because she is following her religion does not mean she can be labeled as a narrow minded, conservative rather fanatic Muslim.

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