Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of Fanaticism Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of FanaticismGettyImages

One of the most important essentials of Islamic dress code for women is hijab. In all of Islamic regions, states, and places where Muslims reside, it is quite necessary for women to cover themselves up. This is the basic teachings of Islam and Hadith. There are many reasons to why this dress code is important and necessary in Islam. But that does not mean Islam is a backward religion. Or nowhere does it imply all those women who cover themselves up cannot think modern.

People all over the world, all those who are not a member of this beautiful religion believe that Islam remains steadfast on its principles. In their eyes, these principles seem to be quite immoral. Moreover, wearing hijab is merely part of that immorality. Because they have assumed that Islam is a male dominant religion, and women are suppressed. And their men force them to cover up. In addition, this is where they go wrong. Women cover themselves up because this is what Islam teaches them to do. This is the word of the Lord which needs to be followed. But covering oneself up solely does not mean that they are left behind in the modern world.

We have moved way out of the old, conservative age. Now, a more modern and trendier world is coming up front. Moreover, when a Muslim woman, in this modern world, covers herself up, she is considered backward and conservative. But why look at only one side of the picture? Why not the other side? As we already know that there are two sides of a picture, and one side is already before you. Now let’s take a look at the other side.

When a woman wears hijab, she is doing it out of wish, to please her Lord. Not only that, this is what satisfies her. She feels rather comfortable being in that particular dress, she feels protected. She knows that no wrong kind of men will set eyes on her or even try to do something unethical. This is the feeling she gets when she covers herself in public. A feeling that she is strong and protected and nothing can harm her. But at the same time, it does not imply that she holds a narrow minded perspective. Even while covering her, she thinks like a modern person, acts like one and performs her daily task like any modern person around the globe.

As every religion has certain rules and principles, which its believers follow, it is the case with Islam. Islam is a complete religion for humanity. Its foundations are based on morality, values, sanctuary and sacredness. In addition, every Muslim has the right to follow it in accordance to its teachings and values. And this is what any Muslim woman does. She wears a hijab because her religion tells her to do so. Only because she is following her religion does not mean she can be labeled as a narrow minded, conservative rather fanatic Muslim.