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Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in Islam

Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in Islam Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in IslamGetty

Many people, especially those who are not known to the teachings of Islamic religion or non-Muslims, have not much information regarding the Islamic dress codes. The dress codes as followed by the teachings of Sunn’ah and Hadith depict the modesty and sanctuary it holds in itself as being a complete religion for the whole of mankind. Similarly, Hijab holds that very same importance for women in Islam. This particular dress code for women shows how much Islam cares and values about its women race. The dress is a sign of modesty, traditions, values, holiness, sacredness.

Let’s take a quick peek at what hijab basically is. The particular dress requires women to cover themselves up in such a manner that no part of their body is visible other than the hands and face. And this act is quite essential publicly but whilst at home, one does not have to cover up like that. Many people, especially the West, have this notion in their minds that women are actually forced to cover themselves up. But little do they know, they are completely wrong about this notion and there is no such thing as imposition in Islam. Therefore, no woman in Islam is actually forced to cover herself up. Its all done out of choice and not because one was forced.

Maybe people don’t have much awareness about hijab, and this is the reason to why they have certain misconceptions in their mind. When it comes covering yourself up, it wholly and solely does not mean covering from head to toe. The most important parts that need to be covered are your neck, head but not the entire face, and your udder. These are the main parts that should not be visible. But no where in the books will you find this fact that the face ought to be covered as well. It can be done out of desire.

Intentions are a very important factor in Islam. Whatever we do, whatever we follow, all is done on the basis of intentions. And our intentions are directly linked with our Creator. Whatever we intend to do, we do it wishfully to please our Master. And our Lord being happy with us bestows His blessings on us. Same way, a woman when she covers herself up, intends to please her Lord. Not only that, she knows that this is what the Lord has asked to do, this is what Islam teaches her. And following her religion with the intention of pleasing her Lord is what matters the most in Islam.

Nowhere does it say that by wearing hijab, a woman has to sacrifice her looks and beauty. She can do all sorts of things to look nice, elegant, and pleasant as well as presentable to the world. But all should be done in a reasonable manner, and in not a way to attract the wrong kind of people. Sometimes, it can be seen that by looking, all shiny, glossy and catchy wrong kind of men can be attracted and this can lead to something unethical and immoral. That is the reason to why women in Islam are asked to cover themselves up. They should though cover themselves but at the same time, they should look neat, nice and elegant. As Islam encourages neatness, beauty and modesty.

Muslims in india, pakistan and bangladesh share same roots

Muslims in india pakistan and bangladesh share same roots Muslims in india, pakistan and bangladesh share same rootsThe Muslims around the world believes in the sole authority, Almighty Allah. Muslims are the only nation who shares the similar religious festivals on the same days globally. They follow the Islamic calendar that goes on with the appearance of the moon. In the religion, no one has supremacy except for Allah and everyone is equal.

Before partition India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were collectively called sub-continent. There had been Muslim empire then the British ruled there so the three nations possess identical history. The Muslims living in these states were subject to the cruelty of the British and had given sacrifices to be independent.

They had suffered a lot in the British rule along with the people of other religion like Hindus and Sikhs. The Muslims were well mingled with the other nations and share the cultural values with them. The Muslims enjoyed many festivals that were not in Islam. After partition, the states do change but the people did not. The immigrants of the partition got settled in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those who found India safe remained there.

Today the three countries are independent but they have same roots that are linked with the past. Pakistan and Bangladesh are the Muslim states but India is a communist country. Although in India, the majority of the people are Hindus but the Muslims are the second majority.  All the Muslims of the three states are one under the flag of Islam being religious brothers.

The forefathers were from the sub continent so they have similar cultural values. The languages have familiar words as living together they have adapted the words of one another languages. The food taste is more or less alike and these are the only states were chapatti roti is cooked. Muslims in the three countries eat meat with added spices, rice, vegetables and pulses with the roti. The people are mostly engaged in farming and earn their living   through crops.  The dressing style is similar. They wear covered and loose dresses. Women wear dupattas and hijabs to cover themselves.

The Muslims of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh follow the same wedding traditions. They have adapted some values of Hinduism like the mayon ceremony before nikah and dowry but they also have the reception as the last function of the wedding, which is necessary in the religion. The Muslims living in these three countries are identical in color and it’s hard to distinguish between the citizens of a particular country among the three. They also share together rivers and mountain ranges. Due to territorial demarcation there are hidden grudges in their hearts but the religious uniformity make them stand together during Eids and Hajj.

Modernization has rusted the islamic values

October 15th, 2011
by Sufia

Modernization in islam Modernization has rusted the islamic values

Islam is religion that is sent for the humanity to follow till the world ends. The religious Book of Holy Quran has guidance for every aspect of life. Our last Prophet (PBUH) has set practical example of a life that should be lead by the true Muslim. The Muslims have ruled the world when they follow the Islamic laws strictly but as they follow modern trends and become ease loving they turn into third world countries.

Modernization in the field of education and technology is well appreciated with reference to Islam. But if we take today’s modernization vulgarity is at its peak in its name.  Being modern the ladies have started wearing sleeveless dresses without dupattas. Islam preaches to cover the beauties and considered it loyalty towards their husbands. Whole body should be completely covered that the Muslim women should not look like the exposing stuff of enjoyment. Thus, Islamic values are left behind to be trendy. Muslims are too busy to perform prayers yet not busy to gossip on the mobiles, chat on internet and go at shopping malls. They have money to invest in the business, buy a new car, arrange the wedding of their kids but make excuses to go on the holy privilege Hajj which is obligatory on those who can afford it.

The media has taken up the youth a lot. They waste a lot of time watching movies. In the name of modernization the young ones imitate to be the false characters they watch. Instead of learning about the Quran and Holy Prophets, they are fans of Batman and Spiderman. Even during the month of Ramadan the sounds of music float in air. Dancing and singing is not a part of our religion but people Muslims are obsessed into it. People have started avoiding fasting because of their business meetings, matches, work burden, exams and countless reasons. Those who fast does not perform prayers or do tell lies that kill the main purpose of fasting. Muslims avoid paying Zakat for the lust of money and increase their wealth to get double. They are Muslims without following Islamic values so are doomed to be ruled by the super powers.

Islam preaches to be simple but to show off people are making their own life complicated. Dowry is not a part of the Islamic values but Muslims are giving their daughters a lot of stuff to maintain their social standard. They waste money in different wedding parties whereas Islam says to have Nikah and reception. From that sum many other girls can be married simply with little stuff necessary for household. The modernization has rusted the soles of the Muslims depriving them from following the set rules of their great religion.

Islam is a simple religion with importance of choices

October 15th, 2011
by Sufia

Muslim man prays in mosque Islam is a simple religion with importance of choices

Islam is a simple and liberal religion. It states that the Islamic laws should be adapted by people they should not be imposed on them. It is the ease in the religion that attracts the people of different religion to adapt Islam, leaving the one of their forefathers. There is no one superior or inferior in Islam and all the Muslims are brothers among themselves. People may be rich or poor but the religion has maintained a balance by the division of wealth through Zakat.

Islam teaches Muslims discipline to follow laws. So whatever is prohibited in the religion should be avoided or else one will be punished for his wrong deeds on the Day of Judgment. But the religion have leniency in case if no other option is available. Eating the flesh of a dead animal is not allowed in Islam but if one is starving and have no resource to get food for himself or for his family he can eat the meat of a dead animal he find lying down in the garbage.

That’s not the case that the laws are not strict to follow but there are choices according to situations. Instead of stealing for food eating dead animal is a right alternative where you are not considered sinful. Likewise, lying is not allowed in the religion and is considered to be the basic cause of sins. But if a person’s life is at stake lying is not a sin. You can unite a couple or friends by a lie that will not hurt their feelings instead clarify the differences between them. Telling a lie is precious in Islam in such a situation then the truth which can make them apart.

Interest by any means is outlawed in Islam. Earning through interest or by the business or job that work on interest is also banned in the religion. So if a person is into the bank job and he is unaware of the fact then he does not need to leave the job immediately. There is a choice that one should look for another job and then leave the one. So that he or his family does not have to suffer. There are strict laws but at the same time there are alternatives available that can go with the situation. Performing Hajj is compulsory only if one has enough resources and can afford it.

Islam has never restricted Muslims. It preaches the lesson of continuous struggle in life. Man can go for any option within the Islamic values to increase his standard of living. Learn anything and can travel all over the world to earn good.  As long as a person abides by all Islamic laws, performs his obligations, he is a true Muslim.

Balanced life in a muslims life and islamic perspective view

October 15th, 2011
by Sufia

islam 480x480 Balanced life in a muslims life and islamic perspective view

Islam is the religion of peace, which requires its followers to surrender to the word of God and abide by the rules and regulations in order to receive the best treatment in life after death. By following the religious codes, a Muslim is securing for himself the love of God, not only in the hereafter but also in his life. Even though Islam draws a clear line between the religious and the worldly affairs, it still remains a religion of moderation and asks of its followers to strike a balance between the two, to secure a place in heaven while securing a peace, success and happiness in this life.

The purpose of man’s existence, according to Islam, is to worship God, to recognize His Greatness and Oneness and to worship him in the best possible ways. However in more worldly terms, everyone has a social life and needs to work in order to make a living and keep up with the moving society. Islam as a religion of balance calls for its followers to be a part of the mainstream society, to shun evil and promote the good and institute justice in society. It calls for its followers to be involved and to struggle for a better change.

Islam expects its followers to be efficient, creative, organized but most of all, it asks for its followers to value and manage time. Success can only be found in those who do not take time for granted. It is not impossible for you to find triumph in both your worldly and religious life if you can manage your time properly. For example on your way to work you can read the Quran or seek God’s forgiveness.

It is also important to sort out your priorities and maintain the ethical code of Islam in all your actions. Islam very strictly promotes the concept of hard work and labor. So being determined and focused about work and career is not disregarded in Islam. Participation in sports, politics, science, educational conferences, learning about different cultures and religions are all allowed and promoted as long as the religious line of modesty and utterance of truth is not crossed.

While performing worship and other obligatory religious practices are important, it is also important for all Muslims to interact with each other and maintain a healthy familial and social life. Islam places great importance on being satisfied and content as a person in order to recognize and be thankful for all the goodness God has placed in the world that surrounds us. Islam, as a religion encourages its followers to leave a balanced life, to maintain a grip over the worldly and the religious affairs and to tackle life and its problems in a stable and sound manner. It is a system of balanced faith.

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