Islam is a simple religion with importance of choices

By Sufia

Muslim man prays in mosque Islam is a simple religion with importance of choices

Islam is a simple and liberal religion. It states that the Islamic laws should be adapted by people they should not be imposed on them. It is the ease in the religion that attracts the people of different religion to adapt Islam, leaving the one of their forefathers. There is no one superior or inferior in Islam and all the Muslims are brothers among themselves. People may be rich or poor but the religion has maintained a balance by the division of wealth through Zakat.

Islam teaches Muslims discipline to follow laws. So whatever is prohibited in the religion should be avoided or else one will be punished for his wrong deeds on the Day of Judgment. But the religion have leniency in case if no other option is available. Eating the flesh of a dead animal is not allowed in Islam but if one is starving and have no resource to get food for himself or for his family he can eat the meat of a dead animal he find lying down in the garbage.

That’s not the case that the laws are not strict to follow but there are choices according to situations. Instead of stealing for food eating dead animal is a right alternative where you are not considered sinful. Likewise, lying is not allowed in the religion and is considered to be the basic cause of sins. But if a person’s life is at stake lying is not a sin. You can unite a couple or friends by a lie that will not hurt their feelings instead clarify the differences between them. Telling a lie is precious in Islam in such a situation then the truth which can make them apart.

Interest by any means is outlawed in Islam. Earning through interest or by the business or job that work on interest is also banned in the religion. So if a person is into the bank job and he is unaware of the fact then he does not need to leave the job immediately. There is a choice that one should look for another job and then leave the one. So that he or his family does not have to suffer. There are strict laws but at the same time there are alternatives available that can go with the situation. Performing Hajj is compulsory only if one has enough resources and can afford it.

Islam has never restricted Muslims. It preaches the lesson of continuous struggle in life. Man can go for any option within the Islamic values to increase his standard of living. Learn anything and can travel all over the world to earn good.  As long as a person abides by all Islamic laws, performs his obligations, he is a true Muslim.

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