mosque 3 Philosophy of Religion VS the Philosophy of Democratic PoliticsThe Islamic Shariah laws are the rules and regulations, the moral and ethical codes by which all Muslims are asked to lead their lives. The question whether Islamic Shariah law is above democracy or not has been the subject of heated arguments for many years. However, today many Islamic countries and analysts show how the two can go hand in hand. While many people, including Muslims, believe that democracy is the way to go, the Islamic Shariah still controls the legal code of majority of the Muslim states. Even though extreme strictness and cruel punishments such as stoning and amputation exist in this law, the idea of the Shariah existing parallel to democracy, secularism and modernity is a growing one.

Various analysts throughout the world agree that democracy has its foundation in Islam and the Koran, as the Koran clearly states that mutual discussion is required among the people.  The implementation of complete Shariah law, for many Muslims, is the last hope left for them to be united under one banner, to be free of autocratic corruption and to be treated with Justice and the rule of the law. On the other hand many favor the democratic or secular system in which the Muslims will be able to follow their religion out of their own spiritual needs and not due to the pressure put on them by the law obligating them to perform their religious duties.

Due to the mixed opinions of the Muslims all around the globe, the democratic law and the Islamic law have been incorporated together in three different ways, all in the hope of creating a balance between the two. The first system is known as the Dual Legal System which is practiced in majority of the Muslim countries. In this system Shariah courts are allowed to exist under a secular government and the citizens are permitted to take their family and financial issues to the Shariah courts. Many western democracies are considering the establishment of small level Shariah courts to tackle disputes regarding marriage, divorce, inheritance etc among the Muslims of their country.

The second system is known as the Government under God. This system is practiced in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait etc. Under this system, Islam is considered the religion of the state and the laws and constitution is derived from the Shariah Law. The third system is the completely secular one, in which Islamist groups influence the local traditions however in the constitution there is no influence from the Shariah. Such a system is practiced in countries like Azerbaijan, Chad, and Somalia etc.

Even in secular Islamic states, the Islamist political parties affect the way of life reducing the crack between the state and the religion. Hence there is no denying that the Shariah Law makes it way up the system and has a control over the way the Islamic countries are run.

911 terrorist attacks The loyal Muslims of the USA

The 9/11 terrorist attacks affected the entire world, leaving behind a baggage of uncertainty. It left behind a nation full of grief. But for the Muslims in the USA, it caused a 360 degree drift in their day to day lives. An estimated six Million American Muslims were shattered and devastated at the harm done to their country, but unlike the other Americans, these Muslims had to deal with the insults and the ache of being rejected by their fellow Americans.

Islam in the USA, immediately after the 9/11 attacks, became unsteady as the Muslims (especially the youth) became uncertain regarding their faith and identity as a follower of Islam. However, simultaneously, on the other hand many became more adamant and established a stronger sense of self and placed higher belief in their teachings and traditions. The reaction was different throughout the country.

The misrepresentation of Muslims as terrorists by the media and the discrimination done against them in the society at large caused many young Muslims to try and change themselves in order to be accepted by those around them. Many young Muslim girls decided to give up their head scarf while many Muslim men decided to shave off their beards. Some went to the extreme of changing their names just for the sake of being acknowledged as true Americans. Many took the other path, strengthened their faith in their religion and with the help of the organizations they worked with passed on statements and religious verdicts against terrorism, strictly condemning the 9/11 attacks. Through various ways, such as peaceful rallies and the media, the American Muslims tried to prove they were loyal to the United States of America and tried to portray the true picture of Islam as a religion of peace.

Eventually the picture of Islam began to grow stronger. While many complained of being victimized by discrimination, other Muslims claimed that post 9/11 their fellow non-Muslim Americans became more encouraging and helpful. Islam, as a religion and as a topic of discussion, has evidently grown throughout the USA. Many books are being published on the Islamic culture where as the Koran, the Muslim’s holy book, has become one of the bestsellers. On a more grass root level, Muslim Student’s organizations have made their way into American high schools.

The role of the Islamic mosques has drastically changed since, as now it is not strictly a place for worship. Socialization and Islamic preaching of culture, values and language has grown in the places of worship. The birth of the new Islamic organizations give complete regard and respect to the laws and regulations of the country and wish to ensure that all Muslims are acknowledged in the society and are given the chance to prove their loyalty to the USA.

The key notes in managing time

time1 480x720 The key notes in managing time

Time is a precious to all the races of man all over the world. The most successful individuals and nations of the world are on record for their proper utilization of the time they had. There is therefore need to have an incisive analysis of the ingredients of time management. These keynotes are the main tools that enhance proper time management. The tools are equally affirmed in the holy Quraan in some the verses. As a matter of fact time management encompasses typical functions of planning, organizing, directing, control of activities and making decisions.

Planning of time determines where the organization is now and where it will be in the future. It calls for participation, sense of direction and purpose, coordination and control. This is a very important key note of proper time management especially for firms. Planning has several benefits such as provision of direction, reducing the impact of change in an individual’s of institutions status; minimizing wastes and redundancy especially in firms and it also helps set the standards of control for different unexpected events. This is also brought out in the Quraan from verses 43-49.

Defining objective is equally brought in the Quraan; verse 22. This involves defining the mission that is the purpose of the task to be carried out. Proper time management begins with clearly defining the mission. For organizations there would be need to have a mission statement which is the broad, yet clear and concise summary of what the organization wants to do. This helps direct the organization since it directs major functions and operations.

Establishing priorities is equally a vital component of proper time management. Upon definition of the goals that one needs to accomplish there is need to conduct in order of their importance and urgency. This helps in saving time.

Investment all the valuable resources at ones disposal is also key for proper time management. These are utilities that can accelerate the achievement the tasks that one needs to do. This is brought in the verses 15, 32, 33 and 34 of the Quraan. One needs to mobilize all the resources that can enable him accomplish the intended tasks timely.

There is also need to take legitimate measures to ensure proper time management. The objectives cannot be met without inputs of efforts and measures to investing all the valuable resources into achieving the intended tasks. This is highlighted in verse 60 of the holy Quraan.

Organizing of all the work is very key for proper time management. It is usually considered as the basic management function of time. All activities to be done should be identified and grouped into tasks and sub-tasks. Each task should them be assigned an individual and a specific deadline for its completion.

Directives have also be given for proper and timely completion of tasks. This is done by those in management positions. They also have exercise authority and control the activities being undertaken. This enhances the proper time management. The decisions made are equally critical for good time management. They should be in line with the defined objectives.

These components of time management are affirmed in the holy Quaran and are therefore directives from the most high God. They are meant to guide in proper utilization of the little time we have.

wlhsetrms We Love Hijab Loves : Workwear by Setrms UK (P.S. Win a FREE Silk Hijab)

Every woman has an I’ve-got-nothing-to-wear-to-work day now and then. But, I think that Muslim women have it the hardest. Why? Because we have to find clothes that are clean, professional and modest enough to wear to work – and then we’ve got to find a hijab to match. I’m sure that many of you working women know what it’s like to find something halfway modest in your closet – for example a sleeveless tunic – only to realize that the long-sleeved t-shirt that you normally layer it with is in the dirty clothes bin…

This brings me to one of the reasons why I love the new fashion franchise called Setrms UK. While most designers sell suits that feature jackets and skirts that are too short to be hijab-friendly, Setrms UK offers long jackets and long skirt-suits that make it easy for a Muslimah to get dressed without having to worry about layering, mixing, and matching.

Some of my favorite items of Setrms UK’s first collection are their long jackets. The one pictured above is called Tulin and I can imagine wearing it in several different ways. You could wear it to work by pairing it with wide-legged pants (as shown above). You could dress it down by pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt. Or you could wear it with a simple maxi dress.

Click here to see what else Setrms UK has got to offer. And be sure to sign up for their email newsletter (at the bottom of their website) because they’re giving away a free silk hijab to one lucky subscriber… When you’re all done, come back here and let us know:

Would you wear this type of clothing to work? What do you normally wear to work? What do you think of the Setrms UK line in general?


Zubair Bin Ul Awam The Boy Who Raised First Sword for the Cause of Allah – Zubair Bin Ul Awam (RA)

Zubair bin-ul-Awam (RA) was one of the closest related persons to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He (RA) is one of the most famous and respectable personalities of Islam. He (RA) served his whole life for the betterment and establishment of Islam. He (RA) was one of the favorite companions of Rasool Allah (SAW) who awarded Zubair with the title of Hawari-e-Rasul meaning the disciple of the messenger of Allah.

He (RA) was related to the Holy Prophet (SAW) in many ways. Firstly, he (RA) was the cousin of the Holy Prophet (SAW) as he was the son of Safiyah (RA) the aunt of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Khadijatul Kubra the wife of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was the aunt of Zubair bin-ul-Awam (RA) so the Holy Prophet (SAW) became his uncle. He (RA) was also the brother-in-law of the Holy Prophet (SAW) as the sister of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) was married to him. He (RA) also had ancestral relations with the Holy prophet (SAW). Belonging to a family, which was very close to the Holy Prophet (SAW) it was quite natural that he also accepted and embraced Islam. He (RA) accepted Islam between the age of 12 and 16 years. His father died when Zubair (RA) was still a child. His mother Safiyah (RA) made him a tough and brave man.

The Bravery of Zubair (RA)

Hazrat Zubair (RA) was a brave person since childhood and there are many examples of his immaculate bravery. As Rasool Allah (SAW) declared that, he was the one who raised the first sword against the antagonists in Makah when he was just sixteen. He had deep love and affection for the last prophet and his religious preaching.

Zubair and the Zuberi Clan

The history of Zubairi family is traceable to the time of Last Prophet of Islam. Hazrat Zubair had a large family with 21 children out of 12 were male and 9 of them were female children. Three of his male children became much popular as one became the caliph at Makkah called Abdullah, second son became the governor of Kufa called Musab and the third son became the famous historian of Islam called Urwa. Zubairi clan is present in the Indian Sub continent, Middle East, UK and USA. One of the famous saints in Zubairi clan is called Hazrat Sheikh Samauddin Zuberi from the 14th century AD.

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