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Conservatism in Muslims (structural faults)

December 3rd, 2011
by Sufia

Conservatism in Muslims Conservatism in Muslims (structural faults)gettyimages

One of the most basic faults in Muslim world has been lack of democracy and distinctive powers of state organs. The concept of freedom of speech and right to justice that remained central to Islamic state in the beginning, with the emergence of greed for power among different rulers.

Another major reason is lack of good educational institution, which could support researches, hence, intellectual development of a nation. Muslim nation remained deprived of good universities, and students desiring higher studies had to go abroad. This restricted the spread and development of Muslim culture and thought and as more time passed, the sense of nation totally died or went down. Research is necessary not only for technological or worldly education but it is the core need of heart and soul of the religion as well. It is lack of research that Muslims are unable to find out new interpretations of their religion in the wake of new world affairs, hence all the identity dilemma and terrorism in the world.

Lack of scholars of Islam is another problem. Since Muslim world had no universities and research center, it produced no great numbers of scholars. The burden of educating the nation fell on the shoulders of maulvis, who are not aptly educated for this huge a task. They are educated in merely recitation of the Holy Quran, pronunciation and a little knowledge of translation but generally, they are unaware of the new interpretations. Their ignorance has become the key factors of misleading people because of their incomplete and insufficient knowledge cum information. This misleading characteristic of maulvis is not to be taken mildly because all the violence and terrorism in Muslim world is to be taken care of by these maulvis because terrorists are normal, common people and they seek maulvis for knowledge in the times of distress. If a maulvi were misleading, he would not only destroy the life of the person but would also be responsible for demeaning the name of Islam in the wake of anti- terrorism hate throughout the world. It would be unjust to add that there are many great names, scholars of deen and religious leaders who have had spent their lives for the betterment of Muslim ummah and they left no stone unturned to educate the nation. To a Muslim, the only goal of life is to make his life here after better and good. The whole building of Islamic faith and belief system stands on the belief on life here after and the Day of Resurrections or Qyamah.

These structural faults and others have accumulated to hinder the progress of Islamic nation and these are the reasons for conservatism in Islamic society otherwise, Muslims are as good people as any other is and they would like to live in peace. As for peace, internal problems are not the only reasons; discrepancies in the international world have played a huge role in agitating the Muslims ummah.

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