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Our mother Hazrat Aisha’s (ra) knowledge

July 14th, 2012
by Sufia

In Islamic history a woman who learns, understands, and advocates the truth about the enlightening guidelines that have been brought by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as the beloved messenger of Allah, is recognized in Muslim Umma as our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra). She was the true and sincere follower of Muhammad (P.B.U.H’s) Islamic preaching thus after his death she was the one who guided the tribes and Prophet (P.B.U.H) companions clearly about the sayings and Hadiths.

Hazrat Aisha Our mother Hazrat Aishas (ra) knowledge

Hazrat Aisha (ra) was young when she was widowed but she saw and observed the Apostle of Allah Subhana Wa Tallah thoroughly and his love towards humanity and concern for Muslims. Afterwards, whenever a tribe or Sahabas got ambiguous about the exact version of Hadiths, they brought their confusions to Hazrat Aisha (ra) and seek her true guidance. She had worked immensely for the legal rights of women. She had rescued women from ignorance at that time. She proposed rightful laws for the liberty of women. As she had received the directions of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on women literacy so she showed the open paths for women to get educated and learn Quran. Women in those days had all the means to learn and educate them like their counterparts.

Hazrat Aisha (ra) worked as a legal advisor when Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) passed away. She (ra) memorized the whole Quran. Her brilliance in Arabic language and the way she had taught the Muslims who came to her to acquire solutions regarding legal and social system of that period, impacted greatly on the widespread acceptance of Islam and regulations beyond the Arab world.

She remained actively engaged in the development of legal structure along with laws for women. The gift of powerful memory that Allah had blessed her helped enormously to guide the people about Islamic values and traditions after Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Her house in holy city of Medina became the hub for Islamic teaching, learning and customs that had exhibited by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). She had proved to be the most talented student of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and when afterwards she became scholar her exemplary students proved that women have the right to educate themselves for the bright future of next generation.

Several thousand Hadiths had been preserved and approved from Hazrat Aisha (ra). Her assistance in the rectification of many Hadiths had helped to maintain the original versions of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) precious sayings. Hadith that had been quoted by Hazrat Aisha (ra) about Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) way of talk is:

  • Hazrat Aisha (ra) narrated that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when spoke he chose words very carefully, he always said words that were fewer in number but precise in meaning. (al-Fawaid, Hujjat al-Islam, author Hazrat Imam Gazali, Ihya’ Ulum al-Din, Vol. 2)

Allah Creates All Events Especially So That Islam Can Reign Across the World

July 14th, 2012
by Sufia

With the first ever man on earth, Islam was chosen as the true religion for every human being till the day of Judgment is formed. Allah Almighty sent His messengers who preached and taught the guiding principles of life. The essence of all their teachings and messages is called Islam. All the messengers who were sent on earth preached and conveyed message of Allah Almighty. None of the apostles of Allah Almighty declared themselves God. They taught about oneness of Allah and total faith in His existence and love for His creations.

islam 480x578 Allah Creates All Events Especially So That Islam Can Reign Across the World

With the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his preaching on Allah Almighty and his only acceptable religion, Islam has got its root classified and stronger with clear and definite values that a Muslim was guided to include in his/her life. During the whole lifetime of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Islam spread across and was accepted with dignity in the major parts of the world. This miracle happened due to the ways and paths that Allah had defined in that era about the extension in an agreeable manner.

Muslims are brought up with the concept of peace, unity and education. No other religion that is still present has ever emerged with these three foundations intact that have become the pillars of Islamic culture. Not a single innocent bloodshed occurred for the acceptability and preaching of Islam. Non-Muslims who were offered to educate the 10 Muslim peoples and afterwards they will be released when their task is ended.

At the time of Makah victory not even a single human was killed. Muslims were gathered under the single flag of Islam for the sake of the sole creator that is Allah Almighty. Muslims are the only community that has shown tremendous research in the field of science and the other entire education fields in a particular time period.

Allah had shown through Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that it is only Allah that is running all the streams of life in the whole universe. Even Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had proved in front of non-Muslims the event of splitting moon from its center. It was indeed Allah’s power in the finger of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who was doing all the magic that appeared as reality.

Through Islam, Allah has provided Muslims a great way to lead their lives with full dignity and prostration in front of only Allah. Allah has shown the world that how much power is in the beliefs of Muslims and by accurately following the guidelines of Islamic customs and traditions Muslims can make the world a much better place.

Dodges Death, Blessed with Iman

July 10th, 2012
by Sufia

A.I.Makki The first Muslim armies fought a series of battles with the Persian Empire and emerged victorious. At that time, Harmusan was the ruler of a small part of the Persian Empire. He was the last among the Persian Kings to fight courageously with the Muslims. It was at the end of the third phase of the final battle that he was taken prisoner and was brought in triumph to Madinah to be put to death before Umar, the great Caliph of Islam and the Commander of the Faithful. When he stood before the Caliph in chains, the Caliph asked him courteously whether he wished for anything.

dodges death Dodges Death, Blessed with Iman

At this, Harmusan replied: “O great Caliph! I am extremely thirsty. Please bring me a pot of water and let me drink to my fill and after that I am ready to face whatever punishment that you may mete out to me.” The Caliph ordered a pitcher of water to be brought before the prisoner. His wish was  immediately obeyed and a pot of cool water  was placed before the prisoner, while the angry Muslims who had fought with him waited impatiently with their swords drawn,  standing close to him, waiting to strike at him at  the command of the Caliph.

Harmusan had noticed their frustration, took the pot of  water in hand and hesitated to drink it. He thought that the Muslims would kill him, while he was drinking the water. The Caliph understood his secret fears and said: “Do not fear a secret blow, for the Muslims do not kill treacherously. I give you my word that you  shall not die until you have finished drinking from the pot of water that you hold in your hands” Harmusan was clever. He had seen  how the Muslims held their Caliph in high respect. Within a matter of seconds, he dashed the pot to the ground before him.

The pot  broke into several pieces before the amazed o n l o o k e r s , spread on the hot burning  desert sands of Madinah and soon v a n i s h e d into the earth below. N o w , H a r m u s a n s t o o d triumphantly before the Caliph and said: “You have just given your word that I would not meet my  death until I had finished drinking the water from the pot. Now, command your soldiers to gather the water that  has been spilled from the ground and I will face death only after drinking that water.” The Caliph was highly amused at the ruse employed  by the clever Persian to save his life, and was impressed by his presence of mind.

The Persians believed that a monarch’s  word was sacred and hence it must be upheld at all costs. The Holy  Qur’an had also commanded Muslims to be true to their promises.  So, he commanded another pot of water to be brought before Harmusan. He said: “Drink, I said before and perish; now I bid you to drink and live for I grant you complete freedom!” Harmusan was perplexed at the Caliph’s generosity, a quality which was  unknown to  the Persians. The Commander of the Faithful, indeed, had a noble character. He did asthe Caliph had commanded, and said: “Now, I  testify that there is no other god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!”

Indonesians spend most on cigarettes, after Rice

July 10th, 2012
by Sufia

Anti-tobacco advocates in Indonesia plan to file a class action lawsuit this month using cases of child addicts in the hope of forcing tougher regulations on a society where one in three people smokes. The suit against tobacco companies and the Indonesian governmentargues that feeble regulation has left children dangerously exposed to the risks of smoking. Indonesia is something of a paradise  for both smokers and tobacco companies, with the world’s fifth largest population of smokers.

Indonesians smoking Indonesians spend most on cigarettes, after Rice

It is a widely tolerated habit and one which even in this relatively poor archipelago most can afford to feed. The vast majority of Indonesian smokers puff cigarettes laced with cloves, called kretek, a word based on the crackling sound made by the burning, heavily scented spice. So pervasive is the habit that tobacco products are the number two item in household expenditure after rice, according to the statistics bureau. Health worker Husein blames advertising.

Billboards in the main street near any village feature cigarette advertisements and local entertainment events are often sponsored by tobacco firms. It is a scene replicated across Indonesia’s vast network of islands. The annualcost of smoking-related diseases is estimated as high as 11 trillion rupiah, said analyst, Abdillah Ahsan of the University of Indonesia’s Demography Institute.


Religion in America: Toward a Better Understanding of Islam

July 10th, 2012
by Sufia

Religion is often a big divisive factor in human relations. It is often misunderstood and this is because of the unwillingness to learn about other religions leading to religious conflicts, especially with Islam.

islam in america Religion in America: Toward a Better Understanding of Islam

Muslims practicing Islam as their religion are disturbed owing to the intolerance and misunderstandings of American Christians in America. In fact, there are American Muslims over two million and they are equally horrified by unwanted attacks.

Islam is a great religion like all others that can also peacefully coexist with all other religions. Many Muslims hold great positions in the community as lawyers, doctors, school teachers, university professors, judges, local authorities, etc and they can show progressive paths to all. These progressive individuals must pass the message for a peaceful world.

The new world has transformed into a new economic period with the earlier styles out. The new style integrates economics and emphasizes the financial responsibility to be established. Homes and communities must promote individual entrepreneurship as jobs are not secured incomes any more. Hence school and training center needs to be encouraged to bring awareness about Islam and the world history.

Islam is a name derived from Salaam an Arabic word translating as Peace. The correct translation is they relate to the doctrine of faith. The key of Islam peace is when Muslims are offended as Islamic terrorists by media and this is understood as a contradiction.

Muslims Allah is their God and in Arab it means One True God. They believe in Prophet Muhammad and the Quran is the holiest Islam book that has Gods words in original Arabic language.

Regrettably, the Quran is interpreted and misused. However, the widely accepted interpretations include Muslims to engage in five pillars of Islam and they are:

  • Making declaration of faith as believing nothing is worthy than God and Muhammad, the Gods messenger.
  • Performing prayers –the Salah, five times a day. They have no priests and Muslims make these prayers at workplaces, homes and also at a mosque.
  • Giving charity is done to 2.5% of an individual’s wealth. This is because the possessions of an individual are regarded to be Gods belongings and the stewards are we, the human beings.
  • Practicing fasting or sawm, during Ramadan month is very important for Muslims, but there are exceptions for pregnant, nursing or menstruating women, sick and elderly. Apart from them all are expected to fast from drink, food until sundown from sunup. Fasting is viewed as purification and self-discipline means and young adults until reaching the puberty stage need not fast.
  • Visiting Mecca, hajj once a lifetime.

Similarly, jihad is a term misunderstood by all, Muslims and non-Muslims. This word Jihad is fighting to remove imperfections from one’s soul and is an internal fight to lead a peaceful life, not to bring disharmony.

Muslim Husband – Should Be a Man of Islamic Principles

The holy book Quran of Muslims has laid down qualities and principles for an ideal Muslim husband. This is the right place to understand the behavior standards laid by the book for an ideal husband.

muslim husband Muslim Husband Should Be a Man of Islamic Principles

In the west, Islam prohibits practicing having premarital sex and girl friends. The Quran principles have clearly stated that men capable of supporting their wife must protect her chastity by marrying her.

Men considering themselves to be unfit for marriage need to practice fasting. However, the families choose the right partners for both, women and men. The religion preacher guides the Muslim husband to look for a Muslim woman and to offer a happy Islamic marriage. This builds an everlasting and strong marriage, besides good Islamic relationship.

As per the Islamic principles, a Muslim husband should look at his first duty to provide clothing, food and shelter to his offspring and wife resulted of this marriage. Hence, women are free of financial duty and offering financial security is completely shouldered by Muslim husbands.

Muslim husbands are expected to follow the Islamic principles so that they do not harm their wives. However, the principles of Islam allow a wife to go for divorce in case her husband is doing something unlawful to her or if he is an alcohol addict.

Muslim men as per Islamic religion need to offer financial assistance even after divorce and do not interfere in her life after divorce, regardless of the way of life she prefers to live and lead.

The Islamic law states the husband to educate his wife about Muslim customs. It is his duty to support her, not suppress her. He should consult in important matters and adhere to it if it is good and reasonable. In fact, the holy book offers right for the husband to beat his wife, in case she fails following Islamic norms and obeying her husband, despite enlightening her.

Finally, Islamic husbands are the one treating their wives with dignity. He should treat her with a smiling face, should be easy going natured and have a smiling face. Islamic marriage asks each husband to respect their wife so that their marriage consummates. This is the ground rule as husband is the Imam and has to take care of the household.

However, any good Muslim husband is not arrogant or chauvinistic, but is in authority.  He does not roam ordering, but takes care to attend and center things to be orderly.

Husbands need to be a good provider and should not fritter his money away. It is the duty of every Muslim husband to treat his family with respect and equality by honoring his wife and giving equal respect to his mother.

No wife or husband is perfect, it is made perfect with love and act state the Islam principles and is expected to follow.

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