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The American Muslims

May 21st, 2011
by Sufia

Have you ever thought that how important it is to be a foreigner? Have you ever imagined the importance and greatness of the influence that you make on your fellows? Or have you ever met the people of other religion and treated them with care? I guess you must have passed all these three conditions. In today’s world everyone is in a race, in a hurry; no one has even the time to learn about the religion of others.

In such a situation, it becomes nearly impossible to make people know Islam by making them sit in the teaching sessions, or making them read the Holy Quran. What do you think will be the cause of spread of Islam in the world then? How the people will be attracted towards the true religion?

The answer is simple; it is your character and behavior that will depict the true essence of Islam. Muslims all around the world need to practice Islam the way it is meant to be, specially the American Muslims.

You people are the ambassadors of Islam; you have to portray the true image of Islam in front of other religion communities. You need to be more tolerant, more peaceful, truer, more religious, and more Islamic-if I say in a single word. In this way you can make the Muslims get out of the misery and strict behavior they face all around the world, specially the American Muslims.

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