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Muslim World in Science and technology

This current world is greatly grateful to the Muslim world. In almost all the departments of science and technology Muslim world made a great improvement in different eras. Many different great things were invented by this Muslim world which helps the people of this world to see the advancement of science.

It can be said that the exploration of science and technology in Muslim world was made from the very beginning of 8th century. In that time Muslim scientist were greatly advanced and even they were advanced then the Greek scientist.  Muslim scientist has done a great work on medical science, math and physics. Kharazmi who was a Persian mathematics made a great change in the total concepts of Algebra. He invented the terms rational and irrational numbers. Many of the terms of algebra were made by him which are still using.

We also can say the name of Alhazen, who was made a great improvement in optics, his improvement is now using in current optical fiber. In 15th century Persian scientist Mansur, made a great improvement in the anatomy science. Not only had him in different time different Muslim scientist made a great improvement in medical science. Like this scientist in different time different Muslim scientist were made a great development in world science and technology.

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