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Islam – The Universal Religion

June 21st, 2013

universe allah 600x450 Islam The Universal Religion

Who could be more conscious than Muhammad(peace be upon him) of the universal nature of the teachings of Islam and the responsibilities that fell on the Prophet for spreading its message in the whole world.

The God of Islam is Rass al’-Aalmin, the Lord of the universe: He is the Rabb al-nas, Malik al-nas, Ilah al-nas-, the Lord, the King and God of men: not only of Muslim, Jews or Christians, alone but the Lord of all the creation ; the Creator and Sustainer of all man kind, and not a tribal deity who is pre-occupied with the destinies of one particular tribe or nation, adjusting all the people to the requirements of a chosen few. Continue Reading →

The Change Of Qiblah

June 20th, 2013

It is significant that while at mecca , the Holy Prophet(may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to pray with his face turned to holy mosque at Jerusalem, but when he came to Medena, he was directed by Divine revelation to turn his face to the Ka’bah as his qiblah. Continue Reading →

Beneficial ways Muslims can spend the holidays

March 21st, 2013
by Sufia

muslim vacation Beneficial ways Muslims can spend the holidays

In Islam there are 3 main holidays: Eid Al-Adha, Eid Al-Fitr and Ramadan. Eid Al-Fitr is well known at the ending of Ramadan (a month of fasting), and Muslims sometimes offer charity on the occasion.

Eid Al-Adha is well known as pilgrimage (annual journey to Mecca), that is one in 5 pillars. Muslims sacrifice an animal and distribute its meat among family, friends and also the poor. All Muslim holidays follow the calendar, and so move every year depending to the calendar. The Muslim calendar has twelve months and 354 days on a year, and 355 days on an intercalary year. Continue Reading →

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