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Bowing Down To Graves and Kissing Them Is Not Islam

November 20th, 2013
by Sufia
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graves and islam Bowing Down To Graves and Kissing Them Is Not Islam

The Dilemma of today’s Muslim Is that he follows what Quran and Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon has not taught and What Quran and Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon has taught is not followed by him. We have Involved Ourselves In Biddah (Innovations) In the Deen which has taken us away from the true path. Rasool Allah SAW clearly told that If you want to stay on right path then follow Quran and My Sunnah and If you left the Quran and My Sunnah then you will go astray from right path.

One of the Biddah that has came In Muslims Is Bowing down to graves and Kissing them. Today Muslims have Involved themselves In Shirk of asking from graves, Kissing them and bowing down to them while all the Prophets Including Rasool Allah SAW taught the path of Tauheed. Worshiping and asking for help only from Allah SWT.

Even The Bollywood Film Industry has started showing Muslims as grave worshipers and we ourselves are also responsible for this. Tauheed was a thing of proud for Muslims that we Worship non but One God and we only bow down to him but Alas we have forgotten the path of Tauheed.

Now Lets see What Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him has taught his Ummah regarding graves.

Here is a collection of Sahih Hadiths:

Abul Hayyaj Asadi told that Ali ibn Abu Talib said to him: Should I not send you on the same mission as Allah’s Messenger Peace be upon him sent me? Do not leave an image without obliterating it, or a high grave without leveling it. Sahih Muslim Hadith No. 2115

Jabir ibn Abdullah Narrated Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) forbade that graves should be plastered with gypsum, have any writing on them, or be trodden on. Tirmidhi Hadith No. 1709

Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The whole earth is a place of prayer except public baths and graveyards. Dawud, Book 2, Hadith 492

Fadalah ibn Ubayd said I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) commanding (us) to level the grave. Sahih Muslim Hadith 2114

Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “It is not appropriate for a human being to bow to another.” Narrated by Ahmad, 3/158

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said ‘O Allaah, do not make my grave an idol that is worshipped.’ Tahdheer al-Saajid min Ittikhaadh al-Quboor Masaajid, p. 24-26. 

There are dozens of more Hadiths that can be quoted. Some People asks from dead for help by going on their graves which is clear act of Shirk as we can make Dua only from Alliah SWT. Imam Ghazali says that Indeed Kissing and touching of graves is habit of Jews and Christians in his book Ihya Ul Uloom.

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