The word Muslim means “a person who acquires peace by submitting his will to Almighty God. The role of Muslim in a non-Muslim society can be divided into two categories. The first one is the action and deeds that is related to him and the other one is the actions and the deed related to the non-Muslims.

It is essential to know that, what is compulsory for a Muslim in a Muslim society is also compulsory in a Non-Muslim society like every Muslim has to believe in Allah and worship one almighty God Allah.  So a Muslim has to follow the core requirements of Islam in a Non-Muslim society too like praying five times a day, giving Zakaat etc.

In case of women, she has to wear the veil in the Non-Muslim society too. The Muslims in Non-Muslim society cannot do or follow things that are Haram in Muslim world. Like drinking alcohol and gabling is always Haram is Islam. So a Muslim has to avoid these. A Muslim in a Non-Muslim has to make peace with other so they can live in peace and harmony.  The Muslim should always help the Non-Muslim society if it is required for everyone.

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