The third pillar of Islam-Zakaat means purity and cleanliness. It simply means to give a portion one’s wealth to the needy and poor people. Zakaat is given to achieve purity and cleanness of the wealth.  Zakaat is mandatory for people who own a minimum amount (Nissab) of wealth for one year.

Importance of Zakaat-

  • Zakaat is one of the five foundations that Islam is built on. If one foundation is weak then the whole foundation of Islam gets vulnerable.
  • The reason behind Zakaat is to purify the human soul and keep that person from envy, lustfulness, stinginess and greed.
  • Zakaat is given to help and fulfill needs of the poor and deprived people.
  • Zakaat is given to establish peace and harmony within a community.
  • Through Zakaat the distance between rich and poor people gets narrower.
  • This system of Zakaat keeps the economy balanced by sharing the wealth of the rich people with the poor ones.
  • Zakaat is a test for the human being by Allah. A person who willingly obeys the order makes Allah happy.

These are the reason the Muslim brotherhood sincerely and honestly pay Zakaat to make the world a better place to live in by maintaining peace and helping out the poor.