Media is considered to be the most influencing factor for a country. It is regarded as the most useful weapon for a particular group if they can make the best use of it. It is something which can be used to communicate with the mass people and instill a value or belief into.

There is immense need for an Islamic media for the Muslim countries because by this Muslim countries will be able to communicate their religion- Islam and wipe out all the misconceptions about it. Apart from this, by using the Islamic media the Muslim countries can counter the attack on them because worldwide there is been a propaganda that Islam promotes terrorism. If the Muslim countries can come up with a strong media then can communicate with the rest of the world in a more appropriate way.

Additionally, having a media always works as leverage for a group. If the Muslims can incorporate the value they believe with the media they will create a positive mindset about their culture. The need is also being elicited from current scenario of the Muslims. If the Muslims are capable of setting up an efficient media, then it will work for their best interest.