Islam is considered to be the first religion in this earth to establish human right. Prior to this it people hardly had any concern regarding their rights. Human right was bought by the people who had power and money. Other people were treated as a commodity that were bought and sold in the market.

The poor people were treated as slaves regardless of gender. Once there were rules where female child were buried alive because they were treated as burden. There was chaos everywhere. Islam at first said that all human beings equal. It made the slavery illegal and showed the people of freedom.

In every aspect of life people were order to maintain equality and harmony among them. Each and every representative of Islam followed and encouraged others to do the same. Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood. The Quran- the Religious book of Muslims has told- “Every Muslim is a brother of each other”.

The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) along with other Prophets has showed how to maintain human right. Islam has spread the message of human rights throughout the world and if Islam is practiced properly then human rights will appear at its desired form which is yet to be achieved.

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