The current world is emphasizing at the propaganda that the Muslims are the terrorists and their religion Islam provokes terrorism. This misconception has been created because of some unfortunate incidents by a number of terrorist who admit themselves as Muslims. These people keep saying what they are doing these for the sake of Islam. They are creating a great misconception about the religion which always conveys the message of peace and brotherhood.

An entire group of religious followers should not be evaluated by the deeds of the some people who hardly know about that religion. We should consider the whole picture. There is saying- A book should not be judged merely by its cover, rather we should focus on the content. If we want to evaluate Muslims then we better analyze the Islam.

Muslims are supposed to represent peace around the world and they did in the past and also majority of them are doing this. But the people who choose the path of terrorism but ironically admit themselves as Muslim cannot be the part of it. Their works are always discouraged by Islam and they have no right to admit themselves as followers which means Muslims are not really terrorists.