America is been a sense of oppression in the eyes of Islamic countries over the past few years. After the incident of nine-eleven America and the western world has integrated Islam with terrorism and since then they have been promoting it.

So to Muslim countries America have been a great rival of Islam. This rivalry is elicited not only from the incident of nine-eleven; there are some other significant reasons some of which are relationship with Israel, ever evolving unfavorable relationship with the Muslim countries.

The influence of America can hardly be described by only the war; it has influence in the culture, lifestyle, and trend of the countries. Overtime America has treated most of the Muslim countries as their rival and vice-versa.

If we want to describe the overall influence then it exactly starts from the very childhood of a person living in Muslim countries. A child is taught to picture America as a rival and oppressive group and as they are brought up, this becomes even deeper.

The contribution of this type of mindset also goes to media because all the time media is portraying the rivalry between these two groups. For example a number of movies have been made just focusing on this issue. America is having a great bit of negative influence on the Muslim countries.