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ramadhan mubarak 1431h by famz1 WHY WE NEED RAMADAN?

We need a Ramadan, a month of  Tawbaah.

We need a Ramadan, a month of  Maghfira.

We need a Ramadan to correct our behavior, to correct the differences & the difficulties and the envy / jealousies in our relationship between one another.

We need a Ramadan to understand that we have been committing injustice to one and another. And as the Prophet (pbuh) said : Continue Reading →

The wisdom behind fasting

00ramadan 600x150 The wisdom behind fasting

What is Allah’s wisdom behind fasting?

  • The first wisdom:

To feel that we are in need of Allah. We are prevented from eating and drinking, there is no prohibition on days other than in the month of Ramadan, so when you feel hungry and thirsty you realize that you are a servant of Allah, and you are in need of a sip of water. Actually, the more you feel that you need Allah, the more will Allah raise your station. As the poet said: Continue Reading →

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