The secret of the beauty and impressiveness of the human eye is hidden in the depths of the human soul

By Sufia

Islam is a religion of peace and unity. The core of Islamic values hides in love and respect for each other that has to be spread across the whole human civilization. Islam is composed of a circle of norms and customs whose focal point revolves around positive thoughts and purity of soul. A person never gets an access of positive path unless he doesn’t come out of his arrogant and conservative behavior. On the other hand, a person, whose thoughts and acts are based on optimism; signifies the purity and clarity of spiritual divine.

The secret of the beauty 480x270 The secret of the beauty and impressiveness of the human eye is hidden in the depths of the human soul

Allah Almighty has spread His magic in every corner of universe. If a person has strong faith in supremacy and greatness of Allah Almighty then natural beauty designed by Him will seem to be the most diversifying masterpieces ever captured by human’s eye. But people with fewer values believe that human is the only supreme authority in the world and can get good control over whatever the matters are running around. They can never be satisfied from the core of their heart just like a true believer always remains in peace.

When a person declares his/her soul and body in accordance with Allah’s will and wish, bundle of blessings that have been stored by Allah for a person open up and shower on that person throughout his/her life. Human character is totally based on the upbringing and the surrounded environment in which he/she breathes since his/her childhood. If a person always wants to shut his mind’s doors and let ignorance keep on entering the heart, the secrets that have to be revealed would always be kept hidden.

It always depends on how you want to lead your way of life. You can go with the defined principles of Allah Almighty or you can create your own path too. But one thing you must keep in mind is that Allah has created human with good intellect, so that he/she can fairly identify difference between good and bad and Islamic values are the true companion for living on this planet. A person who lives in accordance with Islamic customs and adapts according to what has been said to mankind then his life would become easier, free from troubles.

One should always think positively. If something comes bad then it doesn’t mean that life is stopped and there is no way out. Your inner beauty and innocence will show you a right path and will guide you to choose the best for your life. When your heart is pure and free from limitations, you will automatically enjoy the beauty of life and will understand the soul of Allah’s preaching. In order to own a pure and clean soul, start correcting yourself instead of pointing others.

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