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Latest Islamic Outfits

Islamic+%2888%29 Latest Islamic Outfits

Fashion trends are constantly being admired and emulated, but what if you love fashion but prefer to be modest at the same time? A lack of modesty in fashion has been a huge conflict for Muslim women.

Many retailers fail to provide fashionable but more modest clothing for Muslim consumers. “There is a tendency, in the Western world, to assume that if a Muslim woman is observant of her faith – and covering her body, with varying degrees of extremism, is symbolic of that observance – that she is automatically excluded from being fashionable; she is, in some way, “outside” of fashion.” (Buys 1).

Fortunately, this is beginning to change and Muslim fashion trends are on the rise. After researching several Muslim fashion websites and Muslim designers I have become greatly inspired, thus making Muslims and modest seeking women my target customer.

Black Kuwaiti wind up Hijab

Kuwaiti Black Kuwaiti wind up Hijab

Black Kuwaiti wind up Hijab. They are probably the most popular hijabs in the market today, Come as a basic ready made to wear hijab attached to a another  long netted scarf.

The netted portion is attached at the neck section to make it easy to wrap around the face and/or neck and shoulders. The netted section is a little elastic to create a decent fitting and the basic first hijab portion is mainly made of cotton with some polyester added to it. The netted section also has a matching lining around it.

Islamic Outfits

Islamic+%2887%29 Islamic Outfits

Beautyful Silk Hijab

3353 g 71446 zoom Beautyful Silk Hijab

Islamic fashion goes global

Islamic fashion goes global Islamic fashion goes global

Industry is estimated to be worth more than $96b by conservative estimates

Dubai: Thanks to years of steady acceptance and growing support from top fashion icons, Arabic and Islamic fashion is set to continue its influence on the global fashion industry, according to French Fashion University Esmod Dubai, a fashion institution in the Middle East.

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